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World Diabetes Day

The diabetes is a lousy disease which needs to be cured in time. The world ...


Top 25 Fabulous & Simple Arabic Mehndi Design - 2018 Latest Designs

Mehndi is a learning skill.You can grab command on this art by practicing simple designs ...


Reforms in Sindh

Pakistan People party is currently holding the charge of Sindh . They are trying to ...


Jeremy McLellan - A Journey of American Comedian to Pakistan

If you haven’t been following new face of comedy the American Comedian Jeremy McLellan's on ...


Benefits of Travelling With Your Team

Yes, we reserve cheap airline tickets according to your desires. For more detail call ...


10 Benefits of Studying Abroad for Pakistani Students

The first advantage that you get is that an international degree always looks good on ...


Google Unveils 72-Qubit Quantum Processor

Google has unveiled its newest 72-qubit quantum processor, known as Bristlecone, at the annual American ...


12 New & 2018 Latest Hairstyle Ideas which are Trending Right Now

From Kids to elders everyone loves to do something new with their hairstyle but the ...

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