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‏عَلِیؑ اِمَامِ مَنَسْتُ وْ مَنَمْ غُلَامِ عَلِیؑ ‏ہَزَار جَانِ گِرَامِی فِدَائے نَامِ عَلِیؑ



Month of Safar

Misconceptions about Month of Safar


Ice Cricket

Ice Cricket is played directly on the ice, no mat is laid down. The ...


Guru Nanak Birthday

Guru Nanak was a great Indian saint who founded Sikhism and became the first of ...


Ridiculous Stereotypes in Pakistan

There are so many ridiculous stereotypes in pakistan which every other girl have to face. ...


Pakistani Cinema

Revival of Pakistani cinema


““The two policemen were attacked by armed motorcyclists,” said (SDPO) DSP Majeed Abbas

“The two policemen were attacked by armed motorcyclists,” said area sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) DSP ...


Pakistan day 23rd March Parade | Celebration, History

Pakistan resolution day also whopped as Pakistan day or Lahore resolution 1940 is observed every ...


Top 18 Stylish Mehndi Designs for Kids to try in 2018 - Mehendi Design Pics

Choosing a baby mehndi designs for kids of different ages is a hectic task because ...

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