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Belives in no Pain, no Gain..



9 P’s to be a Successful

9 P’s to be a Successful Organization


How to Jailbreak iPhone iPad's IOS In Pakistan

How to jailbreak iphone ipad's ios?.So today we are going to share a method to ...


Easter celebration and rituals among Western & Eastern christians

Easter Sunday and its related celebrations, such as Ash Wednesday (Christian holy day of prayer) ...


Ice Cricket

Ice Cricket is played directly on the ice, no mat is laid down. The ...


Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

Heavy bikes in Pakistan have always been an expensive ardour. Heavy bikes price in pakistan ...


Hologram in Pakistan

A photographic plate containing the record of the interference pattern produced by means of holography ...


Uncover 7 Hidden Okra Health Benefits

Okra is also known as ladyfinger (bhindi in Urdu). It is a common everyday cooking ...


3D Printer and Printing

Material costs are the biggest contributor to the cost of a part made via additive ...

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