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Pakistani Cinema

Revival of Pakistani cinema


Why Boys should go to Barber instead of Salon

Many boys often wonder where they should go for their haircut, a salon or a ...


Groundbreaking moment-Trump and Kim Jong to hold meeting

The clashes between USA and North korea are not blanketed from anyone's eye.President Donald Trump ...


Zymal umar

Zymal Umer is the youngest ever entrepreneur from Pakistan. She is the founder of an ...


Gulab Jamun Recipe with Milk powder

Gulab Jamun literally translated to rose berries, while rose means gulab and jamun are deep ...


Kashmir struggle in Mashhad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the screening of an 80-minute long movie on the ...


Never Give Up

Never ever give up on your goals because great things take time to happen. In ...


Aisha Imran Bridal Collection 2018-19 Changing The Fashion Standards Of Pakistan

Aisha Imran, a big name of Pakistani fashion industry, has recently launched her latest Bridal ...

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