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1984 Sikh Genocide

1984 It was the one of the darkest years in modern Indian history.34 years before ...


Sania Maskatiya – Renewing The Optimism of Fashion Industry

The women dressing sense has improved in recent times. It is quite evident that currently ...


Impact of Social Media on Youth

There are both positive and negative impact of social media in our lives which depends ...


Sexual Abuse Against Children

Sexual abuse in Pakistan is widespread and often goes unchecked. Societal norms, particularly the notion ...


10 Tips For Driving in Winter

If you’ve driven in even one Pakistani winter, you know that it takes patience, practice ...


Panama Leaks - Panama Papers

What are Panama leaks?, and the name of Pakistani politicians in Panama case and Businessman ...


Devoted to disabled Pride

Muniba Mazari and Stephen Hawking are among those who haven't become a burden to society ...

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