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35 Beautiful Poems (2018 Collection)

The poems are the composition in verse. There are a number of best poems which ...


New Urdu Shayari, Dosti Shayari, SMS Shayari & Mirza Ghalib Shayari

Urdu Shayari or sher shayari is the best way to express your love because Shayari ...


Punish a Muslim Day or Love a Muslim Day

Punish a Muslim Day is a shameful act which is celebrated in the UK on ...


10 Benefits of Studying Abroad for Pakistani Students

The first advantage that you get is that an international degree always looks good on ...


Pakistani Cinema

Revival of Pakistani cinema


Opened up Cigarette Packets are banned in Pakistan

Cigarettes Should be ban.The federal cabinet has approved a recommendation of the Ministry of National ...


Gorgeous Dresses of Top-notch Pakistani Designer

This blog will provide you all about trends, styles and new collection of well-known Pakistani ...


All is Fair In Love and War

It is very common to justify false acts in the name of famous phrase that ...

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