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Adnan Pasha

Police on Tuesday arrested accused Adnan Pasha, who first came into the limelight on February ...


Tourists are welcome to Pakistan Tourism

Tourists to Pakistan are an important asset for us and we welcome them to Pakistan. ...


Face is index of Mind

Face expresses thoughts of mind. It is a mirror through which we can understand expressions ...


Celestial Trifecta( Super Blue Blood moon)

On Wednesday 31st of Jan 2018, Earth people will be treated with Celestial Trifecta i.e ...


Beautiful Eid Mubarak Greeting Cards (Eid Cards) - Eid ul Fitr 2018 (Images Collection)

The eid cards or the eid mubarak cards are the best way to show your ...


Pakistani female powerlifters secured gold medals in Singapore

The 20 years old Saniha Ghafoor secured four gold medals in the 57 kg category ...


Why do people commit suicide

The reasons of suicide can be due to a mental health issue, Depression, poverty and ...


Devoted to disabled Pride

Muniba Mazari and Stephen Hawking are among those who haven't become a burden to society ...

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