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Demanding Justice through Unfair ways

Such protest which disturb the life of common people should be bann


KP hairdressers ban stylish beards, term it 'un-Islamic'

Hairdressers in Pakistan’s have announced a ban in their shops on “stylish” beards, saying designed ...


Latest Naat 2018 Released

Na'at ( نعت‬‎) refers to poetry in praise of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Commonly ...


2018's Best Party Dresses Collection

No more hassle of what to wear or what look more trendy and elegant on ...


" Il Posto " Baking service at your Door Step

Il Posto provides Authentic Italian food in Karachi . They recently introduced a unique way ...


Mehndi ke Design on Eid ul Fitr 2018 - 23 Latest Pakistani Henna Collection

Mehndi ke Design on Eid in Pakistan, celebrations are incomplete for girls when there is ...


Paradise Papers

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite's hidden wealth.Former PM Shaukat Aziz among ...

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