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9 P’s to be a Successful

9 P’s to be a Successful Organization


Glam and Glow with GlamGirlz

Glam Girl Cosmetics is a newly launched makeup brand, owned by Mahwish Saqib, who claims ...


KP govt issues driving licences to 15 transgenders

Transgender has also a complete rights in Pakistan.Marking a first in the history of Khyber ...


Learn how to earn money from YouTube - Easy Steps

There is an authentic source for how to earn money from YouTube.Through this method, you ...


Concept of 4 Marriages in Islam

Question is that why men are allowed to do 4 marriage in islam ? No ...


Chicken Burger Recipe - Crispy Chicken Burger recipe Easy steps

This is a very basic crispy chicken burger recipe, you can of course add your ...


Education system in Pakistan - Problem and improvements

the education system in Pakistan Needs Improvement


Vespa Scooter in Pakistan

The Vespa VBB owes its name to the prefix of its chasssis number. The VBB ...

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