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Pakistani Movie 'Saawan' wins Best Foreign Award

It was a real life story based on a disable child


Digital Heroin & Screen-Agers

Smartphones, iPads, game consoles and plenty of other digital devices have changed modern childhood. And ...


Coke Fest - Foodies Event by Coca-Cola

#CokeFest Karachi promises to offer all of the season’s freshest flavors ranging from a diversity ...


KINESICS (Body's Attitude)

It's not just the tongue that speaks.


Former Chief of Air Staff Asghar Khan

Asghar Khan was former chief of Pakistan Air Staff. The Chief of Army Staff is ...


Muharram-ul-Haram 10th Ashura History

Muharram is a set of rituals associated with both Shia and Sunni Islam. The commemoration ...


Easy tips for how to write a blog ?

As blogging is the most peaceful way to convey your message to all over the ...


Latest Naat 2018 Released

Na'at ( نعت‬‎) refers to poetry in praise of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Commonly ...

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