Working Woman In Pakistan

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There is no Force more power full than a woman determined to rise
Working Woman In Pakistan

Working Woman In Pakistan

We are living in 20th century where women are not bound to stay at home and look after their house. Today’s woman can do multitasking. She can manage her house as well as her job but it doesn’t apply everywhere still in many places women are not allowed to work or they are not allowed to work other than teaching because many people think that teaching is the only respectable profession for women well everyone has different point of view. Many women have the freedom to work in any environment and they also have the freedom to work after marriage too.

Advantages of a Working Woman

Life Becomes exciting:

Women who stay at home and has no social activity have no excitement in their life’s. They just have to be in the kitchen whole day. They are not able to expand their friend circle but working women have the social life they know how to socialize with people.

Smart Children:

Working women have more smart children than non-working women because working moms have to stay away from the house so their children understand their responsibilities and do all the tasks without being dependent which makes them active and smart.

No Financial Issue:

As she is earning by her own so she don’t need to depend on her father’s/husband’s earning. She can fulfill her desires by her own income.

Self Confidence:

Self-confidence is a very important thing. Working women are more confident as compare to non-working women. The main reason is working women socialize with different people every day they know that what they have to achieve in their life and self-confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement.

An Inspiration for Kids:

Mothers when work become an inspiration for their kids. Mothers who work and manage their home becomes an inspiration for their children and they really feel proud of her.

An Inspiration for Kids

Problems Faced By Working Women

Apart from all these advantages working women have to face lot of problems in their life those problems which are created by the society.

Negative Thinking of a Society:

Working women are often criticized by society. Women working in schools, hospitals, banks or offices are considered to be lose characters and often their marriages get late because in our stupid society mostly people don’t want a working daughter in law.

Teasing of Men:

Women who goes outside from their house have to face the starring eyes of a men and they can’t get rid of it because if theywill ever complain for it they will not allow to leave the house.

Jealousy of a Man:

Our society is a male-dominant society where man doesn’t like any woman working better than him which develops a jealousy factor in him and specially husbands don’t like that their wife’s earn more than them.

Jealousy of a Man

Gender Discrimination

No matter where we go there was a gender discrimination, there is a gender discrimination and there will be gender discrimination in our society. Every time women have to face this gender discrimination whether she is a wife, whether she is a daughter or whether she is an employee everywhere she have to face it. According to a recent documentary women working in American media receive half of the salary as compare to men for the same work. There are other number of examples where women face difficulties and have to suffer due to this discrimination.

Gender Discrimination

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

I guess the perfect woman, you see is a working woman, she is not a fine lady but she is one who uses her hands and her head for the good of others. There is nothing better than a lady who have dreams and goals and she try her best to achieve those goals with or without someone. What society needs to understand is that a woman can work and look after her family at the same time and she can perform both these duties really well. Shout out to all the hard working women:

  1. Who are working for their dreams
  2. Who don’t give a damn to what society thinks about them
  3. Who are confident enough to achieve one day what they want
  4. Who are supporting their family financially or emotionally
  5. Who don’t depend on others for their needs.

Dear woman, “You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself”.

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