Women on wheel Campaign

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women wheel campaign wow is a scheme which has been launched by Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The main aim of women on wheel capmaign is to let the women fulfil their dreams.
Women on wheel Campaign

Well when it comes to independent life than everyone wish to have it but in Pakistan especially where women are not given much freedom it’s hard to even think about an independent life but luckily we Pakistani’s are moving towards progress now as we are living in 20th century where in many places people really emphasize on the education and career of a woman which is actually a good step towards progress and betterment of a country.

Women on Wheel

As Nation is doing better and better with each passing day, Women on Wheel (WOW) Scheme which has been launched by Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef's Strategic Reforms Unit. The Campaign has been launched in collaboration with the Transport Department and Bank of Punjab. Motorcycles have been given at subsidized rate to willing participants and it has been launched in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Sargodha.

How to Apply

The procedure of applying for this scheme is quite easy, what you have to do is fill the application form properly and with that form attach the passport size photograph of yours, your identity card, Punjab Domicile certificate, Secondary school certificate. The application form can be submitted at Bank of Punjab. But the main thing is that with all these documents you have to submit a written agreement that you salary is less than 30,000 because women with more than 30,000 salary can’t apply for this scheme plus 3000 fees should be submitted along with all documents.


1-    Only women who are more than 18 and less than 40 can apply

2-    Women who have attested identity card can apply for it

3-    Women who have attested motorcycle driving License

4-    Should have domicile of Punjab Province and should be from Faisalabad, Lahore, Multan, Sargodha or Rawalpindi.

5-    Salary should not be more than 30,000

6-    Should have certificate of Matric/Secondary School

7-    If you are a student than there should be a permission agreement of your father or any person.

Free Training Centre

Lahore       : 1122 Training Facility, Shamma chowk, Ferozpur road

Multan        : Mela Ground, Fish Market, Dolat gate chowk

Rawalpindi : F9 Park

Faisalabad : University of Agriculture

Sargodha   : Police Lines Ground

Opportunities hit the door very often so if you ever get a chance than don’t think much just avail it. The Date for the submission of forms has been started till 25th Feb 2018 so if you are a bike lover or wants to achieve something or wants to led an independent life than just go for it. Life has given you an opportunity and small opportunities often leads to great achievements.

For Further Information for submission of forms visit this website BOP website

For Information regarding WOW training email to : wowinfo@srucmoffice.com, www.srucmoffice.com

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  • great oppurtunity for every women pakistan

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  • i wana to join it

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  • Thank you for sharing such a useful info.

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