Women On Wheels (WOW)

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Government of Punjab in collaboration with city traffic police and Atlas Honda. As introduces the project for women know as women on wheels (WOW).
Women On Wheels (WOW)

Women on Wheels (WOW)

Women on Wheels (WOW)


Government of Punjab in collaboration with city traffic police and Atlas Honda. As introduces the project for women know as women on wheels (WOW).

For far too long, Pakistani women have been harassed, groped, and assaulted in public spaces to the effect that they no longer feel safe stepping out alone. Taking this into consideration, CM's Special Monitoring Unit -SMU(Law & Order) aims to galvanize action to put an end to street violence and harassment against women while increasing their independence and mobility by organising a motorcycle rally where women from all walks of life are invited to ride motorcycles on a pre-specified road. Public announcement marking the commencement of free motorcycle lessons was made by City Traffic Police .

These motorcycle training lessons are going to be provided on a rolling basis and once the first batch of trainees is ready,and further is so on.Day by day women showing more and more intetrest in this and become a part of this program.

Special Monitoring Unit (Law & Order) through this initiative along with the global community aims to play its part in creating awareness regarding gender-based violence as the 16 Days of Activism Against Against Gender Violence approach. This initiative is being implemented with the collaboration of City Traffic Police Lahore, Women Development Department and UN Women He for She.

Free pre-event motorcycle training lessons are being provided by female wardens of City Traffic Police Lahoe at their School for those women who want to learn how to ride motorcycles. In order to register please send your name, number and CNIC details at smucmo@gmail.com. Limited training spots remain!

Personal Experience:

Personal Experience

i want to tell you more about this program.this is not like to give you bike and you go on and do what ever you want to do.there is a proper lesson session with experts.

Step one: They tell you about what is motorbike? they brief each part of bike infront of you.

bike infront of you

Step two: Safety kit.without safety precaution you are not allowed to ride a bike.

ride a bike

Step Three: How to start a motorbike? how to handle ?watch video down below. there is a tecniques to start a bike.we can't forget the tecniques. if we can't follow the tecniques.may be we can face huddles during riding.

Further on i also want to share with you one more thing you should know how to ride a bicycle.if you can ride a bicycle than you can maintain balance while riding motorbike.bicycle riding instructions watch video down below:

Women on Wheels (WOW) programme is big platform for our women in society.to face the crowd of different type of people who always criticise and de-motivate women.they always said women can't do anything but they never know about WOMEN POWER.ones a women decided to do anything she can do.

This is 21st century in which a women are standing with men.Doing all kind of duties,jobs etc... that men can do.

How to join WOW programme?

Following is the link to register for the Strategic Reforms Unit's Women on Wheels Campaign:



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