Women of The World WOW

Southbank Centre have partnered with the British Council to bring WOW to South Asia. They believe in promoting platforms that celebrate the achievements of women. They held an event in Karachi Pakistan.
Women of The World WOW

WOW – Women of the World festival celebrates women and girls, and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential.

Women Day in Pakistan (12 Feb)

Pakistan celebrated its annual National Women's Day on February 12, which marks the first and most defiant moment in the history of the nation's women's movement.

International Women's Day (8 March)

Pakistan is giving more opportunities to women so that they can play their strong roles in all aspects of life. International Women's Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women's Rights and International Peace. International women day is celebrated in Pakistan too . It shows appreciation and more power to our amazing women who are struggling for the betterment of our society.

WOW In partnership with the Southbank Centre, British Council are bringing WOW to Pakistan for the second time on the 2–3 December 2017 in Karachi . All events are free and include worskhops, mentoring sessions, film screenings and an under 10's feminist corner.

TAF Foundation

Southbank Centre have partnered with the British Council to bring WOW to South Asia. In Pakistan they are working with

The Alliance Française de Karachi fosters cultural diversity by offering French courses open to all, in order to provide a better knowledge of France and French-speaking countries' cultures, in all their dimensions.

Careem is a transportation network company based in Dubai, with operations in 53 cities in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. The booking service makes it easy to book a car for your daily rides.

Radio1FM91 is a mainstream Radio station in Pakistan, operating its frequency in 4 cities - Khi, Lahore, Islamabad and Gawader, playing a variety of music genres.

They all cooperated with each other to bring you WOW Karachi 2017 . It held on 2nd and 3rd December . It brings a Variety of intellectuals and enthuciasm.

Around the world, individuals and communities are insisting on the simple proposition that women must have equal rights and asking the question: 'Why is gender equality taking so long to achieve?'

Southbank Centre's WOW Women of the World festival is a global network of festivals which provides a platform for investigating this question.

Women of the World Festival Karachi

Main Purpose :

WOW celebrates and empowers women and highlights the struggles women and girls face daily. It is for everyone, and brings people together from all corners of society, energising and providing the inspiration and tools to make change.

Jude Kelly Keynotes :

This panel will discuss the connections between identity and self-worth, and how Pakistanis understand them in their everyday lives. Preceded by a keynote from Jude Kelly CBE, Southbank Centre Artistic Director and founder of WOW Festival.

Humera Channa Performance :

Humera will be performing a journey of music from legendary artists including Madam Noorjehan, Farida Khanum and Reshma, along with her own selection of award-winning compositions in multiple languages.

Hiba Masood :

Hiba Masood Drama Mama, will be reading from a selection of empowering picture books that inform readers about the challenges women face around the world and celebrate their triumphs.

All Girls Banned

Goals of Event :

This workshop will provide hands-on training for self-awareness and stress reduction practices.

Women will explore incredible stories behind sidelined women in history and mythology, and invite you to come and use them to inspire new, imagined heroines of the future, using traditional puppet-making techniques .

Speed mentoring at WOW gives the women of Karachi a once in a lifetime opportunity! Mentees spend 15 minutes with four different mentors in one hour to receive four different perspectives.

Watch live demos of the badass boxing girls from Lyari showcasing their skills. Join them for a quick lesson in self defense and learn more about their journey to self-development.

Participants would Enjoy two short films by Fearless Collective.

WOW Bites are short talks, readings and soapbox moments on a wide range of subjects.

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