Woman treated in Pakistan

Pakistan is at number 3 in the list of most dangerous country for women just because of the way woman treated in Pakistan. The women in Pakistan have to face the gender discrimination, forced marriage and honor killing in Pakistan. There is no gender equality for women.
Woman treated in Pakistan

Woman treated in Pakistan

Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan are the world’s most dangerous country for women due to a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape to dismal healthcare and honour’s killing, India and Somalia ranked fourth and fifth respectively. Indeed Islam has given so many rights to a woman but still, Pakistan does not treat it’s women well in so many places women are treated badly. Still, our country is a male-dominant society where women are not allowed to have a freedom of expression where her status is limited to look after her house and family.

Main Reasons

There is the number of reasons due to which Pakistan ranks at number 3 in this list.

Gender Discrimination:

Women are facing this gender discrimination in Pakistan from ages. 1400 years ago when women were buried alive just after their birth than Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) came forward and gave a woman her dignity but sadly after 1400 years still in many places women are treated badly still people wish to have the son rather than daughters, still many people consider daughter as a burden. Pakistan has made enough progress in many different fields of life but it’s a fact that Pakistan has failed to change its mind regarding the woman.

Gender Discrimination in Pakistan

Honour Killing:

Honor killing is so common in Pakistan especially in small towns of Pakistan where the woman is not allowed to take her own decisions and whenever she tried to take any step on her own then she got killed by her father or brothers because they think that women are our property so we can impose our decisions on her. Their honour and dignity are more important than their daughter or sisters that they don’t hesitate to kill them without knowing that there is no honour in killing.

Honor killing is so common in Pakistan

Sexual Harassment:

Women are being harassed in Pakistan every day but there is no proper law which can give them justice. They are being tortured mentally and physically and when someone wishes to demand justice or speak in front of Public than usually, people blame the woman that surely she’ll be on guilty. Women have to face this everywhere even in daylight she is not safe still there is no such law in Pakistan which can give them justice.

Women are being harassed in Pakistan every day

Dowry System:

We have such a stupid concept in Pakistan Dowry system that in many places if a father is not well established that he will face difficulties to marry his daughter because in so many places the marriage of a daughter depends on a quantity of dowry which a father can give to his daughter and if he gives in less quantity than a woman have to face it’s consequences in shape of violence, threats and Duress even they don’t hesitate to kill her.

Dowry stupid concept in Pakistan

Forced Marriage:

They are often bound to marry a guy which they haven’t even seen before, they are not allowed to marry where they want to because according to them a good woman is one who is always willing to say yes on her parent’s decisions and when she dares to say no them she no longer remains a good woman.

Forced Marriage Issues

Wrapping Up the Issue

Well, there are other numbers of reasons which shows that why Pakistan is ranked at number 3. It’s a sad fact that

1-    Women are not safe in Pakistan.

2-    They have no freedom of expression.

3-    They are not allowed to take their life’s decision.

4-      They have been harassed mentally and physically.

5-    Their status is often limited to a housewife who is here look after her family.

6-    They are unable to fulfil their dreams.

7-    They are often mistreated.

When has Islam given a woman dignity and a respectful status than why our society treats her badly? Now people have to change their minds that women are not useless, they have a status and they should be treated well and if a woman wants to be treated well then she has to realize her worth because a woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better. A truly powerful woman doesn’t explain that why she wants respect she simply don’t engage those who don’t give her respect.

number of reasons which shows that why Pakistan is ranked at number 3

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