Transgender in Pakistan

Transgender are Human Too
Transgender in Pakistan

Transgender in Pakistan

Transgender people are people who have a gender identity that differs from their assigned sex. They are sometimes called transsexual. In Pakistan transgender people include hijras, khowajasara, Murat, Kushras and many more names are given to transgender. It is also one of the biggest social issues of Pakistan. Pakistan which is a peace loving country which always teach us to love every human being still Transgender are the most mistreated community of Pakistan even they are not considered Human being.

Transgender Community

In Pakistan Transgender are not given even their basic rights. We always make fun of them by knowing very well that how much it can hurt them. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2007) Article 2 which says Every single person has the right to live and enjoy his/her rights without any distinction of color, race, sex but in Pakistan we can’t even think of third sex. They are not free to enjoy their basic rights. We always make fun of them in fact we often get afraid from them which disturbs them a lot. Even till 2013 they don’t had the right of National Identity cards as they were not enlisted in NADRA.

Problems Faced by Transgender

Problems Faced by Transgender

There are number of problems which transgender have to face every day in Pakistan.

Education In Pakistan:

They are unable to receive proper education. In Pakistan students make fun of such people which disturbs them a lot. They are verbally harassed by some students and even they are physically harassed by students which force them to leave the school but sad thing is our institutions don’t take solid actions in this case which encourage such students and they keep on doing such activities with transgender.

Work Place:

They also become victim in work places. In Work places they are not treated the way other employees are treated. Mostly offices or banks hesitate to hire them just because of their identity. There are many other issues in work place which they have to face. People don’t like to talk with them which makes them quite uncomfortable and such behavior of employees force them to leave that place.

Rejection from Family:

When they are born even their families reject them and leave them that’s the most painful thing for a person when even their family don’t want to keep them. They are bound to live with all other transgender in a single place because not their family and not this world accept them.

Lack Basic Rights:

Even they are not given their basic rights. They don’t have freedom of anything. In 2016 there was a lady in Peshawar who become a victim of a gunshot and was left unattended for 3 hours. No one gave her any medical facility. No doctor or any nurse attended her and she died because she was a transgender. Why there was no one to attend her? Just because she was transgender?

No Respect in Society:

They are treated very poorly even they don’t have right to walk freely on streets. People often make fun of them and give them remarks which we call verbally harassing someone. They don’t consider them humans which hurts them a lot.

No Respect in Society

Wrap Up

We can eliminate this social issue from our society if we follow some simple rules:

  1. Consider them human because they are human. It’s not their fault that they are born Transgender. It is Allah’s will and he better knows what is good or bad for a person so by making fun of them we are actually commenting on Allah’s decision
  2. They should be free to get education as it is their basic right and if any student try to harass them verbally or physically than strict actions should be taken against that person so that in future no one will dare to harass them
  3. Family should try to accept them as they also deserve their love and affection. Most parents leave them just because of the society but why to bother what society will think?
  4. They should be given their basic rights. They should be treated like other people. They should be given same respect because it is their right.

When Islam has given respect and dignity to transgender than who are we to steal that respect. We should give them Love and respect which they totally deserve because respect is the basic right of every individual. Now it’s a time that we should focus on this issue and try to resolve this issue because I believe that transgender people are living out real and authentic lives. Those lives should be celebrated not questioned.

Wrap Up

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