Stereotypes Faced by woman

The stereotypes of women often start from the day she born. The stereotypes faced by women everywhere, everywhere women become the victim of stereotypes. The women facing stereotypes need to understand that only they can protect themselves from these stereotypes.
Stereotypes Faced by woman

Discrimination represents a significant social problem throughout the world. Everywhere woman have to face this gender discrimination. There are many stereotypes which woman have to face the day she born. Almost everywhere women are not free to live their life according to their own way. They are forced to behave well and act well just because they are woman. Time has changed now we are living in 20th century but still the thinking of society related to a woman is same.

Day she born

In societies where a male child is regarded as more valuable to the family, girls often are denied the right of life. Still we think that it’s a blessing to give birth to a male-child whereas giving birth to a female-child often make them upset and giving birth to consecutively 3 or 4 female-child sometimes result in divorcing a woman. So the day she born she starts facing different stereotypes that she is just a burden or something else.

At age of 10

So at age of 10 everyone demands her to behave nicely, sit nicely, talk nicely because she is a girl. She should have to stop playing with boys, she should have to stop wearing jeans and skirts because she is growing up and as she is a girl so these thing doesn’t suit on her. No one cares that what she wants to do, what she wants to wear, how she wants to live her life, No one really care as she is a girl so she have to listen to others.

At age of 15

At age of 15 she should start helping her mother in the kitchen because it is the only thing which she is going to do in the future. At young age society demonstrate the cruel picture of marriage and in laws. At young age her family puts a burden on her to not only do her work in fact she is forced to do her brother’s work too because he is a male so he can entre in the kitchen when he want something.

At age of 25

At age of 25 society keeps on asking that whether she is married or not because according to society a girl should get married at young age otherwise it’s hard to find a good proposal after 25. This is so common everywhere that when a woman completes her schooling than she should get married because it’s not good for her to sit idle at home just give her responsibilities whether she is ready or not it doesn’t matter as she is a girl so she is not allowed to say anything.

At age of 35

At age of 35 she should be a mother of 2 or 3 kids busy with them and in her kitchen, a place where she is actually born for. All her social life stops because she is a woman so her only responsibility should be to look after her children and husband and her kitchen. Wait not only her husband and children in fact if she wants to prove herself as a good woman she should look after her whole in laws too. If her in laws are happy with her than she will be called as a good woman otherwise not.

Wrap Up

For how long all women will be raised with all these stereotypes. Now we should bring some changes in our society. No one else in fact woman herself can change all these things. If you have been raised with these stereotypes than don’t raise your daughter like this. Give her complete freedom of life. Don’t force her to live her life according to society because she has a right to do whatever she wants to do. Educate her well than ask her about her dreams that what she wants to do in her life instead of marrying her and giving her a huge responsibility. If every woman starts thinking like this than we can break all these stereotypes.

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