Stereotypes faced my Men

There are many stereotypes faced by men everywhere. The stereotype of men don't cry or men don't cook are so common that every man becomes a victim of it.
Stereotypes faced my Men

We always talk about the problems and stereotypes than women have to face everywhere, we talk about the injustice with woman but there are many stereotypes that men have to face too. Nodoubt   the status and position of a man is very strong from ages but there are few problems which men have to face all over the world. At very young age they are taught the traits, stubby language, and mindset that aligns them with society’s concept of what it means to be a man. Here are some stereotypes that men face everywhere around the world.

Stereotypes That Men

Men don't Cry

It is so common everywhere we often make fun of boys who cry. From very young age we teach boys that not to cry because you are a man and men don’t cry. So whenever he is injured or whenever he get hurt he have to hide his tears and he often get scolded for crying but why?

1-    Why he have to hide his feelings?

2-    Why he can’t cry in front of anyone?

3-    Why people make fun of crying men?

Men don't Cook

This is another thing so far seen in Pakistan specially that according to our society men don’t look good in kitchen or while helping their wife and those who go in the kitchen in order to help their wives are considered as weak men. So in spite of appreciating such men that how they help their wives we start making fun of them while in Europe it’s so common that men help their women in Kitchen works.

Men are supposed to be strong

Men are always supposed to be strong. One of the most common expectations from men are that they must be physically strong. No matter what they are going through in their lives they must keep themselves physically strong. They are assumed to always trump women in terms of physically whether in sports or whether in everyday life.

Make Money Machine

So many of us how we define male genders that maleness lies in men’s bank account. He should be a money machine. A real man makes money as much he can now-a-days as women also working hard in order to support their family and if she earns double then him then he is often insulted by people that how his wife is earning more. So we expect from men that whatever money he is earning it should be more than his wife’s earning.

Make Money

Should be a winner

And no matter how much money he is earning he should be a winner. He should win in every field of life. Because whatever he do he should be better and better from everyone else. The pressure on men to compete, to win and perhaps more importantly to care about winning can be intense. Men are supposed to care passionately about their position. We always think that only that man is successful who always wins.

Supposed to be sexual aggressor

We often think that a man who is trying to talk with woman has some bad intentions. There are so many cases which come forward where men have sexually assault women but no one really notice when men are being sexually assaulted. We always claim women to be innocent but   men have to prove their innocence. They are always supposed to be sexual aggressor.

Wrap Up - Stereotypes

Wrap Up - Stereotypes

Well there are also many other stereotypes which men have to face but we don’t much talk about them but my question is that

1-    Why we always say that men don’t cry instead of saying that men don’t make any woman cry?

2-    What’s so bad for a man to be in the kitchen helping his wife or someone else?

3-    Why we always see a man as a money making machine?

4-    Why men can’t express their feelings. Why they always have to be physically strong?

5-    Why we always blame men for all the faults? They can be innocent too

Yes they can be innocent too, It’s not that they always hurt woman no they can also get hurt by a woman, they can cry too because they also have feelings, they can be emotional and sensitive there is no need to prove themselves physically strong always, they are not money making machine and if they are earning less than their wife than there should be no issue in that. Now it’s a time to break all these stereotypes because they don’t make any sense.

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