Social Issues in Pakistan

Social issues will never rest
Social Issues in Pakistan

Social Issues

The name Pakistan literally means ‘land of the pure’. Pakistan is unique among Muslim countries in that it is the only country to have been created in the name of Islam. There is so much to admire about Pakistan including Pakistan army, Edhi Foundation etc but there are so many issues of Pakistan which needs to be resolved. These issues are from various origins having long lasting impact on the stability of the economy and the goodwill of country.

Issues of Pakistan

There are many issues which needs to be resolved but most important of them are as follows:

Education In Pakistan:

Education is the major social issue of Pakistan. The literacy rate of Pakistan is 49.9% which makes them fall on the ranking of 136th in the world which shows that Pakistan is kept away from Education. In Pakistan mostly people don’t bother to educate girls inspite of the fact that woman can play an important role for the betterment of the country. Without education how we can play our role for the betterment of the country.

Education In Pakistan

Gender Discrimination:

Gender Discrimination is another major issue and it is so common in Pakistan. We are living in 20th century but still we are facing this issue. Now Women are leading in every field of life but still women are not given equal rights. We still give priority to men whether it is a work place or something else. In so many cases we don’t bother about woman’s acceptance even we don’t bother to ask her and take her Life decisions. Woman have to sacrifice all the time.

Terrorism In Pakistan:

Terrorism has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent years. Annually so many people die because of this terrorism in Pakistan. People Life are not safe here even Foreigners get afraid to visit Pakistan because of this terrorism. Pakistan has become a country where blood flows on the streets. People scream for their loved ones. After stepping out from house You don’t know whether you will come safe and sound or not.

Terrorism In Pakistan

Divorce In Pakistan:

The ratio of divorce has rise so high in the past few years. People are unable to manage their marital Life even the ratio of divorce in Love marriages are too high. Divorce has become a reality. In Pakistan marriage has become a fun for people where they demand divorce on little issues and then marry other person without any fear.


In Pakistan people even after getting higher education remains unemployed The ratio of unemployment in Pakistan is so high that people doing masters or M.s are driving Auto-rickshaw due to this unemployment. Infact there are many cases in Pakistan where young generation has commit suicide because of this unemployment. Many terrorists are because of this unemployment when they will not find anything to eat than unwantedly they will choose this illegal Path.

Suicide In Pakistan:

There is an alarming rise of teenage suicide in Pakistan. It mostly occurs due to over stress, Problems in relationship, Forced Marriage, Strict Parents, Fear of anything or any other cause. Teenagers find it easy way to get rid from their problems instead of dealing their problems and it mostly occurs by Poison, Drugs, Hanging from fan or sleeping pills.

Suicide In Pakistan


Corruption in Pakistan is Widespread, particularly in the government and lower levels of police forces. Pakistan has had this problem of corruption since it came into being.

Solutions Every Problem


With every problem there is a solution too. We can resolve all these issues by setting some polices and by eliminating some things from our country such as:

  1. Education should be compulsory at least till Inter and girl’s education should be focused. It’s not that time where women were bound to stay at home and stay in the kitchen. It’s 20th century women should come forward in every field of Life and there should be free education or less fee for those who can’t afford high fees. In this way we can educate our country well.
  2. Eliminate this gender discrimination from our society. Now women should be given proper rights As Islam has given her rights. There is nothing that woman can’t do it’s not that woman should be placed equal to man. No woman has her own status and man has his own status and both should be treated with justice
  3. By proper education and by eliminating this unemployment we can overcome this terrorism. Unemployment can be eliminated if we start giving jobs on the basis of talent not on the basis of Sifarish and there should be more opportunities for teenagers In this way no one will remain unemployed. Somehow we can overcome terrorism
  4. Stop forcing your children for marriage. They should not marry unless or until they are not ready for it because it is a heavy responsibility when you are not ready you can’t handle it well. There should be strict policies for divorce so that no one dare to demand it on small issues.
  5. Suicide is mainly due to unemployment, Financial issues, Stress, Forced marriages, Family disputes etc etc when all the above issues will be resolved than we can over come the ratio of suicide too. and all the items like drugs or poison should be ban in the market.

There are other number of issues in Pakistan which often go unnoticed but now it’s a time to step forward and try to resolve all these issues and make this country a peace full land because where there is a will there is a way.

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