Smoking Injurious to health

We have always heard that smoking injurious to health. Smoking has a bad impact on your body which mainly cause lung cancer so it's better to quit smoking.
Smoking Injurious to health

Stop smoking and Stay healthy

Smoking is really bad for a health, it harms nearly every organ of the body and it causes 87% of lung cancer deaths. It is also responsible for many other cancers and health problems including lungs disease, heart and blood vessel

disease,   stroke and cataracts. There are many women too who smoke, a woman who smokes has a greater chance of certain pregnancy problems or having a baby die from sudden infant death syndrome. There are many people who smoke just to get rid of pain depression because they feel relax after smoking, everyone has their own story. Besides all these facts and stories truth is that smoking is really injurious to health.

really bad for a health

Japanese company giving non-smokers 6 days leave

In a Japanese company, CEO of that company decided to pay extra 6 days to leave to the non-smokers after their complaint of working more than smoker co-workers. Recently the employees of a Japanese company leave their message in a suggestion box that their co-workers are taking additional time for their cigarette break. When CEO of the company saw that message he agreed on 6 days extra leave for the non-smokers just for the compensation.

Japanese company giving non-smokers 6 days leave

Restriction on Smoking

In Japan, the restriction on smoking is less as compare to other nations. Japan is currently one of the worst countries for smoking regulations. As the company is based on the 29th floor so smokers get more time to break for their smoking, After the complaint of non-smokers the issue has been taken seriously by the Tokyo based company so as a result the marketing firm Piala Inc introduced the new paid leave allowance in September for the compensation to non-smokers and in order to motivate smokers to quit smoking.

Mr. Matsushima who is one of the employees in this company is also a non-smoker, who says that this new incentive has encouraged many smokers to quit smoking and it’s really good for non-smokers to get relax and spend time with their families.

Japan the restriction on smoking

Smokers to Quit Smoking

Well, it’s a little effort from company to encourage and motivate smokers to quit smoking. According to World health organization statistics, 21.7 per cent of adults smoke so by this incentive they can overcome the percentage of smokers because smoking does nothing except to harm you. Cigarettes are a classy way to commit suicide, you can quit smoking anytime it’s never too late so quit it for yourself and for those who really care and love you.

motivate smokers to quit smoking

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