Smart Glasses

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Smart glasses like(smartphones) are wearable computer glasses that add information alongside or to what the wearer sees. Alternatively, smart glasses are sometimes defined as wearable computer glasses that are able to change their optical properties at runtime.These kinds of technology make life easy for many professionals who can use it at their workplace.
Smart Glasses

Microsoft HoloLens

You would possibly acknowledge Microsoft’s HoloLens due to the various mockups that ought to users enjoying a real-world 3D Minecraft in their home. That’s because the company aims to merge platforms like the Oculus Rift and Google Glass to create a unique device, which they claim is the “future of computing.” It’s certainly promising, particularly after you take a glance at the Windows OS mockups that see users dominant their laptop with gestures.

The HoloLens works as a sort of companion computer, with its own integrated CPU and GPU – and we’d imagine RAM. It will connect with alternative Windows computers and probably alternative Microsoft devices, like the Xbox One. Then, the content is displayed as a “hologram” in the real world. We’d imagine it’s going to be useful for a whole slew of applications from gaming, to productivity and even creative endeavours.

Snap Spectacles

The young person’s selection of sensible glasses, Snap’sSpectacles keep things simple and stylish. The smartglasses record 10 seconds of circular video at a time, which can then be shared to Snapchat and on other social media like Twitter. That's it. They charge within the case, it’s all very easy. (FYI Snap is creating acquisitions that create a collection of AR glasses doubtless. Imagine your filter game when that happens).

They're cheap, they're cheerful and they handily sidestep privacy concerns – if someone's looking at you with a pair of these bad boys on (and the lights are on), they're probably filming you. If not, then sorry you're too boring. While they will be pretty useless for everyday activities, they very shine once you’re doing one thing special, like leisure, and you simply wish your devices to urge out of the way so you can enjoy that beautiful view.
Smart Glasses

M300 Smart Glasses – Hands-Free Mobile Computing

The Vuzix M300 is the next generation of Smart Glasses for hands-free mobile computing. Perfect for Enterprise, the M300 delivers enhanced functionality for commercial applications varying from field service to logistics to manufacturing and more. The new M300 design is based on a common core platform using the Intel Atom processor and operates on both Android and iOS platforms.

Perfect for Enterprise

Vuzix M300 wise Glasses delivers a “hands-free” digital world, providing new access to knowledge, data assortment and extra. Improve existing workflows and open new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, provide chain, remote help desk, and other aspects of your business. The new-fangled M300 elegance is based on a typical core platform persecution the Intel Atom processor – scheduled to drive each our new M300 and M3000 devices.

Operates on Android

The Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses is an ergonomically designed and rugged Android-based wearable computer. It’s enhanced with a monocular display and onboard processor, expandable memory, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities. And it’s been purpose-designed for enterprise, skilled, and prosumer users. Pre-installed apps will be accustomed track regular events, manage your calendar, and link to your phone and additional. The HD camera records, stores, plays back still pictures and video and can be used as a barcode scanner. M300 is well-matched with hundreds of present hominid apps and Vuzix’ quick access to developer assets allows the formation of custom apps to suit nearly needing.


Vuzix M300 provides most of the features and capabilities of a modern smartphone, in a hands-free wearable device. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes it ideal to pair with Android devices or connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi to the Internet. An integrated head tracking provides apps with the angle of your current view for unprecedented situational awareness. Vocal sound, knob press, and touchpad with gesticulation controls, and ruggedized against water, dust, and dirt give the user versatility to navigate and use the M300 in almost any working environment. Also includes the flexibility of enhanced battery packs for long/ high-intensity users and lightweight batteries for low/infrequent users. The M300 is associate updated style with increased practicality and wearability to follow on the favoured Vuzix M100.

Introduction Vufine+(plus)

Vufine+ is a high definition wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology, truly unlocking its full potential. The best part: they delivered Vufine to their 1400 backers. They believe in making their technology as simple as possible to help users take advantage of their favourite devices hands-free and at an affordable price.


  • Compatible with any device capable of outputting a 720p HDMI signal
  • Small and incredibly tough
  • Easily adjustable and incredibly stableGlasses


  • For a 90 minute runtime
  • An elegant, comfortable designGlasses

Vue Smart Glasses

Meet Vue, the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are stylish and discreet greatGlassesin your pair of Vue frames. Choose from a variety of different colours, textures, and shapes to help you express your own unique style.

Your frames operate the method you would like them to. Use the app to combine gestures with custom actions tied to your phone, like hearing this time, weather, activity outline, and more. Vue ensures you’re safe whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist or driver. Hear turn-by-turn navigation while not having to seem on your phone. Vue’s open ear style permits you to pay attention to directions, music or calls while not block your ears, therefore you'll still hear traffic and also the world around you. While driving, Vue checks if you’re looking down or outside the window for long periods of time and alerts you. Audio and LED notifications will facilitate to nudge you back to focus, serving to you to avoid accidents and find home safe

The launch of Vue is just the beginning. That’s why we gap up our API for developers to form their own custom gestures and options. Developers will access sensors within the frames, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, and touchpad, to modify entirely new options for Vue.

Some of our early experimental features:

  1. A nod to answer a call
  2. Tilt your head to cycle songs
  3. Shake your head to ignore a call
  4. Detect your sitting and standing posture. Share your Experience in comment Box .....And Any More
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