Show off Society

We are living in a show off and fake society where everyone is trying to bring others down and trying to impress this fake society.
Show off Society

Show off Society

Why Do People Show off and Fake Society

This question often hit on my mind that why do people show off. We are living in a society where people buy expensive things just to tell the society that how much wealth they are. Too many people buy things they don’t need, with money just to impress those people they don’t even like. Money has become the priority in modern society. Even so many people start the conversation with someone after checking their status. Wealth is actually just a mindset we think that person would be wealthy who have a lot of money. Being rich doesn’t always mean having money it actually means being happy with the amount you have. People buy smartphones and expensive clothes just to tell the society that how much wealth they are.people buy things they don't need

Show off with Their Money

Our society not only shows off with their money they also show off with their good deeds. Whenever they do any good deed they never forget to tell everyone so that people will admire them. Every good deed should be done with a pure intention, not for the sake of telling people that how much religious you are. If you ever need to show off your good deeds than show off to Allah not to society because Allah will give you reward not this society. When we can’t show off our bad deeds than why to show off good deeds because once you show off your good deeds it will no longer give you reward.if you want to feed the  homeless

Social Media

Social media has become a place to fully show off. After doing anything, after purchasing anything expensive or after eating something from the expensive restaurant they don’t forget to upload on social media because most people think that it’s something to be proud of. Even they do show off with their relations and marital life too just to tell people that how happy we are, well the researcher team has found that posting too much about your partner is linked to low self-esteem. Because really happy couples don't post about their relationships on social media.

Show off

Show off Your Talent

If people really want to show off something then show off your talent. If you have any talent then show it to the world and every person has a hidden talent inside them we just have to find it out. Your talent is just a waste if you not showing it off. Show off your talent with your game not with your mouth, be humble and let your actions speak for you. Boasting and gloating just confirms that you need appreciation from others which only indicates your low self-esteem.

Show off your talent

The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money. There is no need to flaunt when you have money because once it is gone then no one will bother you so it’s better not to show off. If you really want to do something for the sake of others than do it with pure intention without showing it off because it doesn’t matter if people don’t appreciate you because Allah will give you the reward, not this society. Society will forget all your good deeds and will always remember you're bad deeds but Allah will never forget your good deeds.

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