Scratch to Gold

A proud tale of a determined Young Cricketer Zaid Alam. Who suffers alot of financial issues but never give up on his dreams and passion. Finally he is able to make his name in world.
Scratch to Gold

""People who Grow to Success has never Lame Excuses""

A very True Saying about those who want to do something great would never take help of false excuses. This is a fact that talent comes from nowhere . It does not see rich and poor , Black or white. Allah blessed every human being with special and hidden abilities. All a man have to do is to explore his inner talent and polish it.

Zaid Alam :

Same is the story of Zaid Alam .The young cricketer comes from a small family with big dreams, will be playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup.This tale surely gonna Inspire so many youngsters in Pakistan. Zaid has been selected for ICC U19 World Cup. He is a son of Tea seller which got him so much honour and respect in advance. Zaid is fond of Cricket from early age and he want to make a prominent name in Pakistan Cricket team.

Zaid Alam
As he mentioned very clearly that "He hopes to make his mark on the planet of cricket and turn into a part of Pakistan’s cricket crew."
The youngster always dreamed of getting acknowledged in the cricket world and now he is on his way to achieve it. He hopes to make his way to Pakistan’s cricket team.

Zaid’s journey has not been easy. Zaid, belonging to a poor family, has faced immense difficulties on his journey towards becoming a cricketer. He confronted harsh financial difficulties at many times but his passion and determination drove him forward into success. however he by no means let that deter him from pursuing his ardour. The teenager began off enjoying cricket on the membership degree after which ultimately garnered the eye of selectors along with his promising efficiency.

He will finally represent Pakistan U-19 side in an international event and hopes to give it his best.

"I will give my 110 percent to the team and ensure that Pakistan becomes victorious."

Alam Khan a Tea Vendorer :

Tea Vendoring is a repectful profession . They don't earn well but still they prefer to earn by hard work . These small jobs and professions are far more better than begging or picking any other wrong way to make money .
The father of the young batsman, runs a small tea stall to make ends meet in Lahore. Growing up, Zaid used to work alongside his father and brother at the tea stall.
While talking about Zaid's journey , Proud father of Zaid said that “We never had any money nor did we ever think along these lines.Allah helped my son move forward in his life.His achievement is a result of his hard work.”

Alam Khan totally praised his son's determination and hardwork which he made to achieve his goals. Alam Khan commended his son’s hard work and his respect for his mentors and teachers.

Alam Khan a Tea Vendorer

U19 World Cup :

With the ICC U19 World Cup simply across the nook, the taking part nations have began with their penultimate preparations for the mega occasion. The junior World Cup is the primary massive platform which presents gifted and budding cricketers a platform to showcase their skills in entrance of the world.
The U19 World Cup is a springboard for youngsters, giving fans and pundits a chance to get a glimpse of the stars of the future. Many legends of the present generation like Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Graeme Smith among others first featured in this tournament.

Pakistani Talent :

Pakistan is no stranger to great talent. Stories like Zaid Alam’s are spread throughout Pakistan, and one only needs to look hard and nurture these stars-in-the-making who can one day make our country proud.

Let’s hope that Zaid Alam is able to climb higher with more support from the Pakistani government and other stakeholders.

U19 World Cup

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    Syed Viqar
  • A year ago 5Rating Stars
  • Did a splendid job for the country, looks a very talented young cricketer, keep it up.

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  • A year ago 5Rating Stars
  • Nice job

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