Saab-2000 AWACS

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The Saab 2000 AEW&C airborne early warning and control aircraft is a variant of the Saab 2000 regional transport turboprop aircraft equipped with the spine-mounted Saab Systems .
Saab-2000 AWACS

The Saab 2000 AEW&C airborne early cautioning and control air ship is a variation of the Saab 2000 local transport turboprop airplane furnished with the spine-mounted Saab Systems Erieye PS-890 side-looking surveillance radar.The primary client for the Saab 2000 AEW&C, the Pakistan Fiza'ya (the Pakistan Air Force), submitted the request with Saab, situated in Stockholm, in June 2006 for Skr6.9bn. The Government of Pakistan renegogiated part of the agreement in May 2007 because of budgetary emergency inside the nation. The agreement esteem was diminished to Skr1.35bn.

The air ship, completely prepared for airborne early cautioning and control, can likewise be utilized for national security missions, outskirt control, airborne summon and control, fiasco administration coordination and for crisis aviation authority.

Saab 2000 AEW&C Programme

Saab Surveillance Systems is the lead contractual worker for the Saab 2000 AEW&C program. Saab Aerotech is in charge of the advancement and adjustment of the Saab 2000 provincial flying machine to the AEW&C setup. Six other Saab specialty units are likewise contracted for real components of the program.

The external wing segments have been fortified, as has the top of the fuselage, to oblige the heaviness of the Erieye reception apparatus and its lodging. The vertical tail zone has been expanded to give enhanced adjustment.

Saab 2000 AEW&C programme

Main Cabin System

The primary lodge is fitted with five mission administrator reassures on the starboard side.

The windows on the starboard side of the primary lodge have been evacuated. The lodge is cooled and fitted with a dynamic clamor cancelation framework.

The rearward area of the fundamental lodge suits fuel tanks and mission hardware. Two helper fuel tanks are introduced on the starboard side in the mid fuselage segment quickly toward the back of the mission supports.

The mission administrator reassures perform: framework and sensor administration; mission arranging and recreation; track information preparing; resource administration and control; distinguishing proof and allotment. The show frameworks fuse advanced maps and utilize high-determination level board shading showcases and touch input show controls. The fundamental lodge toward the back segment likewise obliges the electronic fighting gear, the Erieye hardware and the Erieye control units.

Main Cabin

Erieye Surveillance Radar

Saab Microwave Systems (in the past Ericsson) is the lead contractual worker for the Erieye reconnaissance radar. The Erieye radar is operational on various other air ship including the Saab 340, Embraer R-99 and Embraer EMB-145. Erieye is a dynamic staged exhibit beat Doppler radar working in the 3.1GHz to 3.3GHz band. The radar is operational from three minutes after take-off and amid climb and gives a compelling observation region of 500,000km².

Erieye Surveillance Radar

The Erieye radar has an instrumental scope of 450km and location scope of 350km against a warrior flying machine measured focus in thick unfriendly electronic fighting conditions and at low target elevations. The framework is fit for following various air and ocean focus into the great beyond and gives over 20km elevation scope, 360° scope and has ocean reconnaissance ability. The radar fuses an ID companion or enemy investigative specialist. The framework involves a dynamic staged cluster beat Doppler radar with an optional observation radar.

The settled double sided electronically examined reception apparatus exhibit is introduced in a rectangular lodging, dorsally mounted over the fuselage.

Electronic Warfare Suite

The airplane's electronic fighting suite depends on the Saab Avitronics HES-21 electronic help measures (ESM) and self-security suite. The HES-21 additionally gives a ground-based emotionally supportive network (EGSS), which gives mission information to the air ship electronic fighting framework and for examination of recorded information.

Self-Protection System

The self-assurance framework (SPS) involves: guarded guides control framework, radar cautioning, laser cautioning, rocket approach cautioning and debris and flare gadget frameworks. The self-assurance suite gives choice and, in programmed mode, the start of the debris and countermeasures arrangemen

The laser cautioning framework depends on the Saab Avitronics LWS-310 laser warner working in the 0.5 to 17 microns wavelength groups. Spatial and ghastly scope is given by a variety of three sensors on each side of the flying machine.

The rocket dispatch and approach warner (MAW) depends on the Saab Avitronics MAW-300, which can all the while screen and track up to eight dangers. It has four sensors, two on each side, and each with 110° azimuthal scope to give the covered 360° spatial scope.

The waste and flare administering framework (CFDS) involves a container control unit, (CFDC) with a cockpit mounted show and control board, protective guides suite PC with a risk library database, two BOL electromechanical distributors and six BOP pyrotechnical gadgets.

The BOL allocator is a high-limit, 160-cartridges, electro-mechanical refuse distributor. The BOL allocators are introduced in the fairings under the wingtip-mounted radar cautioning cases. The gadget consolidates vortex generators which give debris blossoming qualities and a waste cloud Doppler reaction.

The BOP container is a pyrotechnic gadget conveying Nato standard rectangular cartridges or magazines of 39 1in² cartridges. The gadget has the capacity to apportion diverse ammo composes simultaneously. The BOP allocators are housed on each side of the underside of the fuselage to the behind of the wings.

Self-Protection System

Saab 2000 Performance

The air ship can climb an elevation of 9,144m out of 15 minutes. The most extreme journey and watch speed of the air ship are 629km/h and 296km/h separately. The range is 3,218km. The take-off keep running of the flying machine is 1,400m and the most extreme continuance is 9.5 hours. The air ship weighs around 14,500kg and its most extreme take-off weight is 23,000kg.

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  • Lovely Bird indeed. Pakistan Airforce own 4 Saab 2000 with Erieye Radar system. But is this aircraft always airborn for early warning? Coz we have always in 8/8 situation with India, And this radar system can only work in Air.

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