Rude Teenagers

Children who doesn't respect their parents can't respect anyone but our rude teenagers will never understand that how much it's painful for others when they get rude.
Rude Teenagers

Rude Teenagers

We live in a decaying age. Young people no longer respect their parents and not only their parents they don’t have any respect for their elders. They are rude and impatient and have no self-control. The notion that the youth must respect their elders has completely vanished. Sense of disobedience, noncompliance and rudeness has replaced this attitude. They have become stubborn and starts yelling over little things. They don’t hesitate to disrespect their parents even in public they have totally forget the meaning of giving respect to anyone and those teenagers who don’t give respect to their parents than how can we expect from them that they will not be rude towards their teachers in schools or universities.

Numbers of Reasons


There are number of reasons due to which our youth have become rude, stubborn and full of attitude towards everyone. No doubt it’s their fault too but we can’t blame them as a whole. It can be due to:

Bad Parenting:

Yes it can be due to bad parenting. It’s really important that how you brought up your children. You can’t always blame social media for your child’s rudeness because there are many youngsters who behave really well due to their good parenting. So bad parenting is the main reason of child’s rudeness if you don’t behave well in front of your child than don’t expect respect from your child because your children always learn from your behavior.

Bad Parenting

Unnecessary boosting of your child:

This is common problem of some parents that they unnecessarily boost their child even if they are on guilty as a result they keep on doing mistakes because they know that in the end no one will be there to ask them. This can also come in bad parenting because when you unnecessarily protect your child than they will definitely become rude.

Social Media:

No doubt such attitude of our youngsters is also due to this social media. There was a survey in which 80% people have blame technology for the rudeness of teenagers. No of social sites have been launched and youth is always busy on these sites that even they don’t have time for their family. We are hidden behind our cell phones and other gadgets tweeting, posting and texting with our virtual friends while ignoring the whole world around us. This youth hesitate to interact face-to-face and when we’re limited to words we lose the non-verbal component.

Money Problem:

Yes, Money can be the reason behind your child’s rudeness. It is often seen that the children of rich parents are quite rude as compare to children of mediocre families. Due to excessive amount of money they study in best schools of town, go for outings in best restaurants and wear expensive outfits and live a luxurious life. These things automatically develop a sense of proudness in them and they walk like no one is better than them and parents don’t bother to change their attitude.

Money Problem

Wrap Up Problem

Wrap Up

So in short Parents are much responsible for this rudeness of our teenagers because by good parenting they can make their child well-mannered because there are many teenagers too who behave well just because of good parenting because it is the duty of a parent to make their child well-mannered. There are number of ways by which parents can make their child well-mannered such as:

1-    Stop boosting your child when they are on guilty because when you will unnecessarily boost your child than they will keep on doing mistakes which will make them stubborn.

2-    Behave well in front of them because if you will teach your child how to behave well verbally but keep on behaving disrespectfully than they’ll never become a well-mannered human because a child always learn from your behavior.

3-    Don’t stop your child from using social media but excess of everything is bad so they should use it within a limit and keep on checking that what they are performing on social media.

4-    Don’t make them arrogant and proudy due to money. Change their attitude that they are better than everyone because they have money. Make them humble

5-    Teach them that how to behave with poor and waiters but that really matters that how people behave with them.

By following these few steps I guess we can eliminate this rudeness. A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for everyone. Set some rules don’t ever allow your child to yell or do unnecessary argument in front of you because youngsters are the future of this country it’s your duty to raise them well.

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