Unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment in Pakistan is a major issue of every Pakistani where everyone is looking forward to having a job
Unemployment in Pakistan

Millions of human are Unemployment in Pakistan

The foremost problem that the world is facing today is Unemployment. The ratio of unemployment has rise from last couple of years due to number of reasons. Now-a-days so many engineers, Doctors, Masters and IT specialist are trying to get jobs. The people of Pakistan are considered to be highly talented, motivated and hardworking in the world but there is no value of talent in Pakistan that’s the reason due to which many people prefer to go abroad after completing their education because they have more opportunities in abroad than in Pakistan.

Reasons of Unemployment

There are number of reasons due to which many highly educated people are trying hard for jobs and also there are number of people who in spite of low education are on their seats and are doing really well. Reasons include:

Growth of Population:

One of the major cause of unemployment is due to population. Pakistan has become much populated country. Pakistan rank at number 6 in the list of countries by population. There are plenty of factors responsible for this over population such as early marriage, Illiteracy, desire of son or lack of awareness. This can be due to any reason but this over population has decreased the opportunities of jobs due to which many educated youngsters are jobless.

Growth of Population

Poor education system:

The education system of Pakistan is very poor and it has also played a role in the unemployment of many youngsters. Our Institutions focus more on marks and Ratta concept. There is no practical work in any institution due to which in the end they are totally blank. You will observe many technical and government colleges where these are just selling the degrees therefore people are wondering about the jobs due to lack of experience.

Reference matters more:

It is a sad fact that in Pakistan your talent is of no use if you have not a big reference for your job but you really don’t need to be talented if you have a big reference because with big reference you can achieve whatever you want to. There are so many students who are really talented and deserve something great but due to low social circle they can’t get big reference due to which they are forced to do jobs which are not even up to their mark.

Violence and Terror activities:

As we all know that Karachi is a hub for trade and business but sadly there are no rules and regulations here. People openly do violence and bomb blasts but no one is taking strict actions. Karachi has become the river of blood. There is no peace left in Karachi. Terrorism is another factor of unemployment due to this terrorism foreigners are afraid to invest in Pakistan when they will not invest than how will we find new opportunities here. That’s why there are lack of opportunities in Pakistan.

High age of retirement:

The age of retirement in Pakistan is 60 years and it is really high age of retirement and the government of Pakistan is highly responsible for this factor because they have to decide about the retirement age so number of young talented people are looking for a job but this factor makes them frustrated.

High age of retirement

Problems due to Unemployment

There are number of problems which take place due to this unemployment like:

Problems due to Unemployment

Suicide Reason:

There are number of people who are capable enough to do something for the country by showing their talents but due to this unemployment they are unable to show. When they will not get jobs than how will they show their talents which results in suicide attempts. The ratio of suicide due to unemployment has rise from last few years because our youngsters lack patience due to which they get frustrated and hopeless and attempts suicide and also those parents who sufferd a lot just to teach their children well for their bright future attempts suicide after seeing their child jobless.

Drugs or Alcohol:

Those people who don’t dare to attempt suicide goes on wrong way. They start to take drugs or alcohol because they think that it is the best solution to make yourself tention free. To get rid from the unemployment stress they take help from drugs and alcohol which makes them ill both physically and mentally and also waste their talent by using such things.

Robbers or Terrorism:

It is the major problem of unemployment. Young people after long time of unemployment find wrong way to earn money e.g they become robbers or terrorist because in this way they can earn something which results in increase rate of crimes. There was a highly talented guy who become terrorist after long period of unemployment and than murdered by police in an incident. Now who should we blame for this? That guy or our government?

Solutions Of Unemployment

Pakistan unemployment rate

Of course with every problem there is a solution too. We can also control this growth of un-employment by following some steps if we really want to make Pakistan a progressive country and if we really want to save the life’s of our youth.

1-    The very first solution   of this unemployment is to control the rising population. There should be some centers who aware everyone about the population. Government should motivate people to have small families.

2-    We need to change the education system of our country as we should educate our youth so that they utilize their skills 1 day not just for the degrees because without any skill the degree is of no use. There should be some experimental works so that they wouldn’t be blank in the end.

3-    Jobs should be given on the basis of merit not on the basis of reference because we need to make Pakistan a progressive country which will only happen when we will give jobs to talented people so that they will better utilize their skills.

4-    The age of retirement should be 55 years instead of 60 years so that new talented people don’t have to wait for so long for the job.

5-    Pakistani’s should try to encourage foreigners to invest in Pakistan so that new opportunities will automatically be created and some strict actions should be taken on this terrorism which will automatically force foreigners to invest in Pakistan.

If we really want to save the future of our youth and to make Pakistan a progressive country than we should now think about this social issue of unemployment because our youth is our future who can make Pakistan at number 1 by utilizing their skills.


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