Ridiculous Stereotypes in Pakistan

There are so many ridiculous stereotypes in pakistan which every other girl have to face. Complexion, Height, Character of a girl, Dress, physical appearance are the stereotypes faced by woman.
Ridiculous Stereotypes in Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani than you might have gone through different ridiculous stereotypes. These stereotypes just create the false impression on everyone. There are many common things which every Pakistani must have faced in their life at least for once.

Breaking Sterriotypes

Girls wearing Hijab: Shareef

In Pakistan, there is a concept that girls who wear Hijab are often considered to be Shareef and a perfect bahu because according to them Hijab tells that how much a girl is Shareef or not. Frankly speaking, I have seen many girls wearing hijab indulged in immoral activities but no as they wear Hijab so they must be definitely Shareef.

Girls wearing Jeans and Skirts: Characterless

It can be related to the above issue not only girls wearing hijab are considered as sharef in fact those girls who wear jeans and skirts or girls without dupatta are considered as characterless or they are often given the title of ‘girls belong to third class family’ without knowing that maybe that girl is more dear to Allah.

Opne Minded Girl - Characterless

People who can't speak English: Paindoo

Yes in Pakistan the intelligence of a person is measured by how much frequently he/she can speak English. If he/she is unable to speak English properly then there are many chances that he/she will be labelled as ‘Paindoo’.

Selecting Majors in College

Well, when it comes to selecting a degree in college/university so if you are studying science subjects you will be considered an intelligent student because only intelligent students can study English but if you are studying Arts subject than you will be considered a weak student it’s kinda funny.

White Complexion girls: Fairytales

This is so common in Pakistan that we think that girls who have white complexion are no less than fairy tales because in Pakistan the beauty of a person is judged by their complexion if she has a fair complexion than she must be pretty.

Dark Complexion girls: Not eligible for Shadi material

So if you have a dark complexion than 99% chances are that society will definitely make fun of you and you will definitely face many difficulties during your proposals because in Pakistan mostly larkai walai demands to have a bahu with fair complexion because most mothers want chand si bahu for their average-looking sons.

Boys above 30: Bachelors/ Girls above 30: Aunty

If a boy is above 30 and is un-married than that’s not a big issue because he is still eligible for a shadi material but if a girl is above 30 and is still unmarried than she can’t get married or she can’t get a good proposal because after 30 she becomes aunty.

Offering Prayers 5 times: Narrow-minded

If you offer prayer 5 times a day then it means you are narrow-minded or extremist and I guess this is the worst thing so far seen in Pakistan.

Career Oriented Pakistani men: Best Husbands

Men who are career oriented are considered to be best husbands because in Pakistan the definition of best husband is limited to money, those who are wealthy can keep their wives happy and those who have less money can’t keep their wives happy much.

Career Oriented Pakistani women: Worst Wives

Career oriented men are best husbands but when it comes to women than they are considered to be the worst wife because a working woman can’t handle her house because according to our mentality only those women who can make a perfect gol roti are considered to be perfect wives.

Love Marriage: Shame

In Pakistan still love marriage is considered to be a shameful act and especially in case of girls, if a girl speaks in front of her parents that she loves someone than consequences can be very hard but if a boy speaks in front of his family than it’s a normal thing because boys have a freedom of love marriage but this stupid society don’t understand the thing that the one with whom their son fell in love is also a girl.

Love Marriage : Shame

Boys dancing in Public gatherings: Woww

If a boy dance In front of his family or other people than he looks really cool and even some aunties get so much inspired that they select him for their daughters because boys dancing in gatherings are considered to be talented.

Girls dancing in Public gatherings: Shame

If a girl dance in public gatherings she is often awarded many titles including, ‘isai kisi nai tameez nai sikhae’, ‘besharam’, ‘maa baap nai ye tarbiat ki hai’ and many more and it’s kinda funny that it’s okay when a boy dance but when it comes to girls than it becomes a matter of shame.

Wrap up - Stupid Stereotypes

It’s not the end there are so many other stupid stereotypes which Pakistani’s face and I guess they are long lasting because the mentality of Pakistani’s will never change so I guess the best way is to ignore such things and put a smile on your face because you can’t do anything other than this just do whatever you want and like to do because whatever you do this society is gonna judge you so it's better to stop listening to them.

Wrap up - My Own Life

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