Why do people commit suicide

The reasons of suicide can be due to a mental health issue, Depression, poverty and many more but as every problem has a solution too so there are preventions from committing suicide, we can control suicide attempt by suicide preventing training.
Why do people commit suicide

Suicide in Pakistan

Suicide is basically an act of ending your own life which can be due to different reasons. There can be many reasons behind this act of people. Now the ratio of suicide is very high and especially in teenagers. Mostly teenagers commit suicide due to depression or maybe due to someone. The most commonly used method of suicide varies between countries and is partly related to the availability of the effective means. Common methods include hanging, eating poison, shoot with the gun etc.

Reasons Why People Suicide

Everyone has different reason of committing suicide depending on which situation they are going through in their life. It can be due to:


This is the main reason for committing suicide and it is most common in teenagers and adults. Nowadays every person is in the depressing state whether they are teenagers or whether they are adults or whether they are aged all have some depression in their life. When they are depressed they over think about every situation and some take those problems so seriously that they decide to commit suicide because according to them the easiest way to get rid of all the problems of life is to commit suicide but some people comes out from this depressing state after some time.


In love of Someone:

This is also a very common reason for committing suicide and it mostly happens in Pakistan when two people love each other but couldn’t live together so they mostly end up by committing suicide. It’s a very pathetic reason for committing suicide. Isn’t it strange that 2 people commit suicide in love with each other but when they get that love that they often end up taking divorce, strange but true?

Due to Psychological reasons:

Some people commit suicide because they have some psychological issues. Psychosis is much harder to mask than depression. Mental illness is completely treatable but people who die by suicide are frequently experiencing undiagnosed, undertreated or untreated and most people who have any mental illness also goes in a depressing state too which may be the rationale of committing suicide.

Psychological reason

Living in a Poverty:

Living during a poorness for therefore long will become a reason for committing suicide.No doubt wealthy people also have worries in their life but you can’t deny the fact that without money life is nothing. When you have to want for your little desires and basic needs than you will automatically go in a depressing state and some lose hope and decide to commit suicide because they really become hopeless due to their poverty.

Due to some Tragic loss:

Losing someone very near to your heart can be sometimes really unbearable. If someone suddenly leaves you who can’t come back ever can be the reason for committing suicide. Losing a loved one can trigger intense feelings of grief, for some people this grief can lead to depression or make depression even worse which may result in suicide.

Drug Addiction:

People that are addicted to drugs or alcohol on a consistent basis are more likely to be depressed. They escape themselves by using drugs from pain and loneliness which can give them relief for short period of time but over the long term drug use tends to alter brain functioning eventually a person will build up such a high tolerance to whatever drug they are addicted to that they won’t experience it anymore and they end up committing suicide.


How can we forget this reason which is a major issue of our society nowadays? The ratio of unemployment is very high and especially in Pakistan. When you remain unemployed for so long then you will definitely feel like you have no purpose of life and will automatically push yourself in a depressing state and sometimes this depression goes at an extreme level which may result in suicide.


How to Control suicide attempts

If there can be a number of reasons of committing suicide than it can have many solutions too yes we can control this increasing ratio of suicide by different ways which can be:

By Educating people:

Yes, the reason of committing suicide can be due to lack of education, when people are not well educated they often commit suicide so it’s better to educate them properly so that we can control this ratio of suicide.

Listen to them:

As mostly suicides occur due to depression so we should not leave depressing people alone better to sit with them, listen what they want to say, let them express each and everything maybe in this way they can feel light. With love, you can make people forget a big loss too.

Mental Health Professionals:

As mental illness is also a major cause of suicide attempts so seek help from mental health professionals when a person will be mentally healthy than he/she will not dare to commit suicide.

Suicide Prevention training:

Increase the awareness of suicide and see prevention opportunities, there should be a training of how to prevent suicide and the training should be for every individual, organization and a community so that we can control the ratio of suicide attempts.

Suicide Prevention

Just remember that suicide prevention is very necessary and everyone can play its part in this act. The person who suicides dies once, those they left behind die a thousand death by remembering them. You may not understand today or tomorrow but eventually, God will reveal why you went through everything so it's better to have faith in God by which you can overcome every problem of your life.

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