"Coffee" One of Earth's finest ...

its now about lifestyle

Coffee One Of Earth's Finest

Just to begin with,something about me.i happen to be a "Coffee Geek" ... i love the aroma of roasted coffee beans and its more strong and pleasant when grinded or hand milled and when its brewed fresh in the morning (specially cold cozy winter mornings)

WoW amazing !!!

it is though a very vast topic to write about , what i want to focus here is its importance now and then.it hasn't just left to reffered as a simple hot or cold beverage but it has grown into a lifestyle now in Pakistan.

Coffee has a magical power to uplift your mood on a lethargic morning or has strong effect to keep u wide awake on a night before meeting the deadlines (;

Not only that , people do business over coffee ,fall in love on coffee dates , make up with a loved one taking out on a cup of coffee , friendly hangouts are not to forget .... so think of any option ,one solution, it is the outstanding COFFEE.No doubts thats why coffee houses around the world are always busy and full.Accept or not coffee does hold a special place in our lives !

Whether its medium roast to dark roasted beans or premium Arabica to robusta coffee ... when its brewed it fills the air.Oops while writting i am craving for a cup of it , though its late night here :/

I personally have my own hand mill and collection of few roasted bean varieties but its easily available on any known coffee house( or even online).and if the Barista is in a good mood he will hopefully grind it for you too (;

There are various methods to brew a cup of coffee and lot ways to have it though , my personal favourites are offcourse the plain Americano and flavoured Cappuccino.... not to forget about the cool cappuccino art btw

So next whenever feel akward ,lost ,mood swings tired or lonely...... the best thing to have is the Coffee cup !

As i live in Karachi i ll list here a few famous and good serving Coffee places to get your caffiene fix.

  • Butler's Chocolate Cafe (i ll rate # 1 on everything from taste to quality to hygiene and ambiance)
  • Gloria Jeans (Located on a few different locations , but the best one is on SMHS branch)
  • New York Coffee (at Ocean Mall ) serves out of the world Cramel Macchiato

Though i shout out for Caribou Coffee , unfortunately they dnt serve in Pakistan ):

Thanks to whoever reading here.Hope you liked my blog (ya ...first ever )

Do tell and share your experiences about your favourite beverage.

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