Punish a Muslim Day or Love a Muslim Day

Punish a Muslim Day is a shameful act which is celebrated in the UK on 3rd of April because many countries consider Muslims as a terrorist, so 3rd of April is celebrated as violence against Muslims. But we can make it Love a Muslim day by showing love and support on humanity basis.
Punish a Muslim Day or Love a Muslim Day

"Be a normal person. Be a special person. Show your love" Tomorrow is 3rd April, So what is special this time about 3rd of April let me tell you. As it is no wonder that Muslims are facing difficulties in all over the world no matter they are in Syria, Kashmir, and Palestine or in UK and USA. Higher authorities of World are all united against Muslims. They saw Muslims as terrorist and peace destructive nation but they are also aware of the fact that they are totally wrong. They are not thinking about that if today they want to hurt someone and someone's family or friends, they need to remember that someday somebody could hurt them and their loved one as well and how bad that would feel. On this point in fact on each point we Muslims Brother and sister need to stay united and need to stop hurting each other.
punish a muslim day or love a muslim day

Punish a Muslim Day Noticed in Uk and Muslims

So here I am going to tell you the recent disgusting and shameful act which is noticed in UK and Muslims. They have introduced 3rd of April as "Punish a Muslim Day". Yeah, it sounds ridiculous equally to Muslims as well as to Non-Muslims. This weekend people in Bradford, Leicester, London, Cardiff, and Sheffield reported receiving the notes, printed on A4 paper. The letters say 3 April will be “Punish a Muslim Day” and points will be awarded for certain acts of violence against Muslims from 25 points for removing a woman’s headscarf to 500 points for murdering a Muslim. What is crazier than they are actually made a holiday on 3rd of April 218.

punish a muslim day

Key Actions according to Letter

10 points would be awarded to that person who will abuse a Muslim for no reason.25 points for that person who would pull the hijab off of a Muslim lady.50 points for throwing acid on any Muslim face .100 points for beat an innocent Muslim .250 point all be awarded to that non-Muslim who’ll torture Muslims with electrocution, skinning use of a rack.500 points to butcher a Muslim using, knife, gun, vehicle .1000 points to burn The Holy Mosques.2000 point for nuke the Holy city of Makkah. These all points and action are disgusting. So pathetic and far from humanity. All of sudden all crimes are called as legal. Muslim women have been warned to hide their hijabs and not to pick up their children from school alone ahead of the sick 'Punish A Muslim Day’. The Saudi Embassy in London said it had been in contact with the British authorities on the contents of the letter and advised its citizens in the UK to practice alert and vigilance. In the city of Leicester, where Muslims make up 20 per cent of the populace, fears of assaults are high. Last week, Paul Moore, 21, was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison for attempted murder after he attacked a woman and a 12-year-old girl wearing Islamic clothing. But now what we have to do is just not too scared, don't just stay at home because that is going to empower the people whoever started this nonsense. They want us to be scared.
violence against muslims and islamphobia threat

Stay Safe Every Single Day

Follow some tips to make sure that you stay safe not only 3rd of April but on every single day and Stand up for yourself. Whenever someone tries to act stupidly, continue your daily activities, if you are going to stay at home and be scared you are actually giving them chance to make this a day a national holiday every year. If you are going to travel alone especially any hijabi girl make sure that you are careful about your surroundings and the things that are around you and the people around you just stay cautious of everything. It's better to not go alone outside take someone along with you. ‘This is not a joke its sick plan they have a pointing system where they will be giving points and reporting on site with vids etc. punishments include taking off hijabs...beating up and even acid throwing.

Love a Muslim Day and Violence Against Muslims

An ad spot asking people to 'love a Muslim' has turned into a web sensation in light of a contemptible mail out urging individuals to assault Muslims on a day of hatred. The starting mail out, titled ‘Punish A Muslim Day', contains anti-Islamic statements and a sick points system awarded for increasingly serious offences against Muslims on April 3. Indeed, another notice, entitled Love A Muslim Day, has been assembled straightforwardly differentiating the first mail out and has turned into a web sensation among individuals sickened by the supremacist printout. It encourages people to do nice things for Muslims and people in need, on the same day April 3. In direct contrast to the original poster, it reads: "They have loved you. They have made you such huge numbers of curries and kebabs. They have made such a great amount of adoration among individuals. By what method will you reimburse this? The publication includes a prizes framework for moves made, including 10 focuses for grinning at a Muslim, 50 focuses for tossing distinctive shaded blossoms on a Muslim, 500 focuses for fasting in Ramadan and observing Eid, and 2500 focuses for purchasing a Hajj bundle for a Muslim family.uk and muslimsBeautiful City Makkah

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