PSL Final Tickets Sale

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Cricket fanatics queued up Thursday morning to buy tickets of Pakistan Super League 3 final, which will mark the return of international cricket in the city.
PSL Final Tickets Sale

Cricket fan lined up to purchase tickets of Pakistan Super League 3, which will stamp the arrival of international cricket in the country(Pakistan).


Many ways to buy tickets

Many ways to buy tickets for this season of the Pakistan Super League are:

• The easy is to get the “global pass“ that permits you to look at an unlimited variety of games in port. This world pass prices AED 289 for general admission seats, AED 502 for international whereas the price for the premium east seat is AED 999.

• Other possibilities, go physically to a number of the stores. The centres at that the tickets will be bought square measure Sind geographical area edifice, Al Fardan Exchange, Leopard traveller, Al Ghurair International Exchange, metropolis Nihari, urban centre Darbar and Filli restaurant. PSL Pakistan tickets will be sold at choose branches of TCS categorical centres across several cities around urban centre.

A maximum of five tickets can be purchased on a single CNIC.

Ticket Rates

Ticket Rates

Don't Ask for Passes

For online tickets booking please Click here or Click here

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