Prize Bond Result

National Savings Prize Bond Result All about Prize Bond Result in Pakistan
Prize Bond Result

Prize Bond Result in Pakistan

9 categories of Pakistani prize bonds

There are 9 categories of Pakistani prize bonds exist.

1. Prize Bond List 100

2. Prize Bond List 200

3. Prize Bond List 750

4. Prize Bond List 1500

5. Prize Bond List 7500

6. Prize Bond List 15000

7. Prize Bond List 25000

8. Prize Bond List 40000

9. Premium Prize Bond List 40000

There are several classes of prize bond in Pakistan ranges from 100 to premium. Each Pakistani prize bond has a good and healthy reward if we compare in term of the investment

Pakistani Bonds are issued in the series. Each series of prize bonds consist of one less than 1,000,000. There are four draws of each bond annually. Means all Pakistani prize bond draws held quarterly. Prize Bond Scheme is a good opportunity for everyone i-e from a Students to the government employees to win a good amount against safe and small investments.

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