Concept of 4 Marriages in Islam

Question is that why men are allowed to do 4 marriage in islam ? No matter what's the women perspective or what's the men perspective because the fact which we can't deny is that according to islamic point of view there is a concept of 4 marriages in islam means men are allowed to do 4 but under some circumstances so this concept of 4 marriages can't be deny by anyone.
Concept of 4 Marriages in Islam

Why men are allowed to do 4 at a time??

Many times this question has been asked by people especially women and everyone has the different opinion on this question. The answer very gender to gender. Of course, men and women both have a different perspective in this regard but sadly the answer which Islam has clearly define us, still we have our own opinion and own perspective.

Women Perspective

It’s true that woman always love hard and in love, she can’t bear sharing. The thought of sharing her love with another woman can destroy her completely emotionally and even physically. Many women often call such men characterless even when they do 2 at a time. Of course When Islam has given this right to men than women are not allowed to go against Allah’s will. They should allow their husbands under some circumstances.

Men Perspective

Sadly the only reason which most men know in this regard is that they have right and it is ‘Sunnat’. Whenever they are questioned about their 2nd or 3rd marriage they have the same answer that our Holly prophet did it too so we can too. Rest of the things they don’t know that under which circumstances Holly prophet did it and other which circumstances they have such right. The only thing they know is that we can do 4 at a time.

Islamic Point of View

If we see it in Islamic point of view then there are some situations in which it is adventurous to society to have men marry multiple wives and for this reason, Polygyny is practiced by many religions and Cultures. Polygyny is having more than 1 wife at a time. Islam has allowed men to keep 4 at a time if he wants to but under some valid circumstances. If a man can equally love his all wives without any injustice with anyone then yes he can have 4 at a time.

The most stupid reason or logic we often hear from men is that our holy prophet did it then why we can’t? They often gave such reason without much thought that our beloved prophet was a sensuous man. If we have a look at his life then we will come to know that under which circumstances he did so many marriages.

1-    He did it to give a widow a shelter to live

2-    He did to teach his ummat that it’s sunnat to give widow his name

3-    He did it to teach his ummat that it’s sunnat to accept a woman with kids.

4-    He did it to teach that marrying an elder woman is not against Islam.

Islam's rules for polygny

Islam Has Clearly Define

Truth is that both genders need to correct their opinion on this matter because Islam has clearly defined us that what is right and what is wrong in front of Allah then who we are to give our opinion. As far as women are concern then they should keep in mind that marry more than 1 wife doesn’t make man characterless and men should keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that they can marry anyone any time without any valid reason and if they will marry for their lust that they have to answer in front of Allah.

It’s often heard that if men are giving basic needs like ‘Roti’, ‘Kapra’ to his wife or if he can afford more than 1 or 2 at a time than he can go for it but my question is that is Roti, kapra the only thing which a woman need ??

Truth is that if a man can’t love all of them with justice then he has no right to fulfill this Sunnat.

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