Polio Disease

Polio disease is caused by polio virus for which polio drops are very important other wise a person can't able to move on legs.
Polio Disease

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Polio Disease

Polio is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus. In about 0.5% of the cases, it is due to the muscle weakness which results in an inability to move. In this disease most often a person is unable to move his legs but it also involves the muscles of head, neck, and diaphragm. Pakistan has made tremendous progress towards poliovirus transmission. The number of children paralyzed by the wild poliovirus has dropped progressively from 306 in 2014 to 54 in 2015 to 20 in 2016 and 2 cases in 2017 so far.

The disease is preventable with the Polio vaccine, however, a number of doses are required for it to be effective. In 1988 Polio was found in more than 125 countries today that number is 3. Jonas Salk was an American medical researcher who discovered and developed one of the first successful polio vaccines. The vast majority of parents in Pakistan accept the Polio vaccine. Less than 0.05% refuse vaccination in the highest risk areas. It is hoped that vaccination efforts and early detection of cases will result in global eradication of the disease by 2018.Polio Disease

Be sure to check with your doctor for Polio vaccination recommendations before traveling a part of the world where polio still may occur naturally. Additionally call your doctor if:

1-    Your child hasn’t completed the series of polio vaccinations.

2-    Your child experiences an allergic reaction after receiving the polio vaccine.

3-    Your child has problems other than a mild redness or soreness at the vaccine injection site.

4-    You have questions about adult vaccination or other concerns about polio immunization.

5-    You had polio years ago and are now experiencing unexplained weakness and fatigue.

On Tuesday 24th October we are celebrating #WorldPolioDay. We are taking an oath that one day we will make this world Polio free where no one will suffer this Polio disease.

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