Tourists are welcome to Pakistan Tourism

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Tourists to Pakistan are an important asset for us and we welcome them to Pakistan. With less than a million foreign tourists visiting the country on an average, Pakistan has been able to improve its ranking by one point in 2017 – currently at 124 out of 136 countries has covered in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017 released by the World Economic Forum. Read information about visit visa & Pakistan tourism.
Tourists are welcome to Pakistan Tourism

Obtaining Pakistani visa is no more arduous for tourists as Pakistan has announced its visa policies for the tourists from 24 countries.The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan on January 19,2018 declared officially traveling and visa policies in Pakistan for foreigners who are traveling in groups via designated tour operators of Pakistan from 24 countries. The tweet by CAA says:

“Tourists to Pakistan tourism are an asset for us,”

According to the notification posted by CAA on Twitter, if the tour is organized through designated tour operators in Pakistan, the tourists will be granted a multiple-entry visa for 30 days. Tourists from Austria, Canada, France, Japan, UK, and USA are among the 24 countries which will be eligible for the visas. The tourists are advised to talk to one of the Immigration Officers or the designated Visa Office on arrival for additional information.The selected will be required to furnish the tourist's documents to FIA immigration office along with requisite undertaking.Pakistan Tourism

The 30-day single entry visa will require one of the following documents.

  • Letter of invitation from a business organization in Pakistan with a recommendation letter from a Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan or Trade Association.
  • Letter of recommendation from an investment counselor or Commercial Attaché in Pakistan’s Mission Abroad.Pakistan Tourism - 30 days entry

Easy visa policy- Need of the hour

  • The immediate and easy visa policy service really needed and is of very important because of the following reasons;
  • As security improves, annual tourist arrivals to Pakistan have more than tripled since 2013 to 1.75 million in 2016, while domestic travelers rose 30 percent to 38.3 million, according to the state-owned Pakistan Tourism Development Corp. The World Travel and Tourism Council puts the total contribution of tourism to Pakistan’s economy at $19.4 billion in 2016 or 6.9 percent of the gross domestic product. In a decade, the WTTC expects that to rise to $36.1 billion.
  • Earlier this month in January, The British Backpacker Society ranked Pakistan number one out of 20 other adventure travel destinations because they consider Pakistan one of the friendliest countries in the world with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.Easy visa policy- Pakistan Tourism

PTDC to request CAA

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has approached authorities concerned to review visa policy for foreign tourists to facilitate more tourists during the current year.Managing Director PTDC Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor said “We will focus on overseas Pakistanis and foreign tourists during the year 2018".He said that visa policy for foreign tourists is required to be reviewed to facilitate more tourists from across the world.“We have also requested   Civil Aviation to provide places at all international airports in the country to set-up Tourism Information Desks”. Pakistan Tourism to request CAA for relaxing in visa policy

Appointment of FPs and Installation of Hoardings

Managing Director PTDC CH. Abdul Ghafoor said that this is a big honor for Pakistan to be declared top travel destinations among 20 top travel destinations of the world. Therefore, PTDC is also appointing Focal Persons in big cities of the country and Coordinators for Tourism in all tourism generating countries to increase tourist influx to Pakistan, who will work as a bridge between tourism departments and tourists. Ch. Abdul Ghafoor said that PTDC also intends to get hoardings installed at prominent places of all important big cities including Islamabad the Beautiful Capital of the world and Faisalabad the Industrial city to highlight tourist’s destinations.

Tourist-Friendly Visa Policy

The British Backpacker Society has welcomed the decision by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) to approach the relevant government officials with a request to review the country’s visa policy for foreign tourists and to make it easier for them to acquire visas.Samuel Joynson, co-founder of the British Backpacker Society, told Geo News that it was encouraging that in light of Pakistan topping their recent adventure travel rankings for 2018, the PTDC is urging the Government of Pakistan to streamline the country’s tourist visa policy. Joynson noted that “historically, Pakistan offered a visa-on-arrival service for many international tourists, and, with such a system in place, it is no coincidence that the Pakistani tourism industry once benefited from far more international visitors than it does now.”Pakistan Tourism - British Backpecker

Adam Sloper, co-founder of the British Backpacker Society, added that “obtaining a letter of invitation from an official tour company is particularly undesirable for independent tourists, as finding a tour company willing to sponsor independent backpackers can be expensive, time-consuming and unpredictable. If Pakistan is serious about welcoming international travelers to Pakistan, it is critical that the Government removes this requirement.”Adam commented that “the return of a Tourist-visa-on-arrival system for independent international tourists would be the biggest boost for international tourism in the country in a generation” and implored the government to consider this option.Following are the countries from which tourists are welcomed to Pakistan to avail these offers.

Austria          Austria                                         Korea          Korea

Belgium       Belgium                                         Luxembourg   Luxembourg   

Canada        Canada                                  Malaysia          Malaysia          

China          China                                          Netherland      Netherland

Danmark    Danmark                                      Norway            Norway

Finland      Finland                                         Purtgal            Purtgal

France       France                                      Singapore      Singapore      

Germany   Germany                                     Spain               Spain

Greece      Greece                                          Sweeden        Sweeden

Iceland      Iceland                                   Thailand        Thailand

Italy          Italy                                           UK                  UK                  

Japan       Japan                                       USA                USA

Emirates Airlines has announced

As the new year begins, the number of travelers get increased. Therefore, airlines all over the world give discount offers to their passengers as a new year's gift. Likewise, Emirates Airlines has launched a promotional offer titled " Helo 2018" for Pakistanis traveling anywhere in the world through Emirates. The least fare of this offer is 24,000. Following are the places for which Pakistanis can enjoy this global discount offer:Pakistan Tourism - Emirates Airlines

Prices of Economy flights

  • From Karachi to Dubai, the economy class ticket will cost 24,541 rupees
  • From Karachi to Los Angeles
  • For Kuala Lumpur      131,797
  • For Nairobi                  90,292
  • For Chicago              87,363
  • For Paris                   51,855
  • For New York            51,855Pakistan Tourism - Emirates offers

Prices of business flights

Business class ticket for Dubai from Karachi is of 97,442 rupees.From Karachi to New York will cost 250,742.From Karachi to Los Angelou's business flight will cost 114,111.Tickets can be booked till 29th 0f January whereas passengers can travel to the above-mentioned places between the time of 19 Jan-30 Nov 2018.We are hoping that these new visa policies by CAA may prove to be helpful in regaining the lost statue of tourism and in attracting the tourists to the fascinating beauty of Pakistan.

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