Pakistan International Film Festival

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The Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) aims to be the largest film festival in Pakistan. PIFF will screen features, shorts, and documentaries from Pakistan and around the world. The PIFF management invites the overseas delegates of filmmakers, artists, and professionals, and expects many renowned names to grace the festival. Read information about Karachi film society, Pakistani filmmakers, KSF, and cinema.
Pakistan International Film Festival

Time has modified absolutely for Pakistan country movie industry. Pakistan country Film/Tv contains a distinguished name across the planet currently. KFS goes to command a world festival in Pakistan country for the primary Time. This pageant has some specific and very important goals for freshers film manufacturers similarly as administrators.

Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF)

The Pakistan International festival (PIFF) aims to be the most important festival in Pakistan. PIFF can screen options, shorts and documentaries from Pakistan and around the world.   This mission is to make a novel platform that promotes every Pakistani cinema and Pakistani filmmakers presenting their movies in front of many international viewers. They 've additionally planned on bringing international filmmakers and their work to Pakistan country to make an interactive area for exchange of ideas and for open dialogue. PIFF can give opportunities to encourage co-productions and to portray Pakistan country as an exciting and vivacious country, with nice cinematic potential.

Karachi Film Society

Karachi Film Society may be a non-profit-making organization and parent body of Pakistan country International festival (PIFF), supported by famed Producer/Director Ms Sultana Siddiqui. the first goal of Karachi Film Society is to enhance access of the folks to innovation and excellence in several classes and genres of cinema and films. therefore on illustrate the distinctive scope of this medium. Most of the festivals and showbiz connected activities are organized by KFS in Pakistan country.

First PIFF in Pakistan

Karachi Film Society declared that the primary Pakistan country International festival goes to happen shortly. it'll long last for 3 days, scheduled from March 29, 2018, to April 1, 2018, in Karachi. The PIFF is an initiative of the Karachi Film Society, that hosted a group discussion earlier. The pageant can comprise film premieres and special screenings within the classes of feature-length films, documentaries and short films. PIFF management is asked by foreign representatives of filmmakers, artists and professionals, and many famous names to grace the pageant. The pageant can hold workshops for young aspiring filmmakers wherever they'll learn the craft from famed mentors. A special mobile screening programme is additionally enclosed during which the PIFF groups can show hand-picked films to young audiences at totally different locations of Karachi. The special panel discussions on women’s role in Film/ TV ANd seminars on the Pakistani movie industry will be an integral a part of the agenda, same the promulgation.

Venue - Fundraiser Dinner

A fundraiser dinner for the Pakistan nation International celebration (PiFF) beneath the recently framed Karachi

Film Society (KFS), that is booked for the most recent seven day stretch of March 2018, was summoned at Governor House on Sunday night, with Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair attending.

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