Old Age Home in Pakistan

Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips
Old Age Home in Pakistan

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said ‘ A Parent is the Best of the Gates of PARADISE ; So if You Wish , Keep to the Gate, Or Lose it’. Parents are the greatest blessings one can ever have. Islam has emphasized so much on the rights of Parents. Parents…… who take care of us from the day we born without any Personal Beneficium who help us to get established in our lifes. There are so many Hadits in Quran which depicts the Importance of Parents But the Harsh reality of Today’s generation is that they Lack moral values.

A Parent is the Best of the Gates of PARADISE

There are many sayings of Holly Prophet where He told us that how we should treat our Parents but still we don’t hesitate to send them in Old Age Homes Inspite of knowing very well that there is no repent for this Sin.

Old Age Home

Old Age Home is basically a multi-residence housing facility intended for old people. It is Intended for those parents whose children consider them a burden so they send their parents to Old Age Home so they can peace fully live their life without them Inspite of the fact that how their parents took care of them in their early age. It is a sad Fact that aged often find themselves totally abandoned by their Family. How our Parents Show us the world How they teach us that how we can survive in this world and in the end we show them Old Age Home.

Old Age Home

Reasons of Old Age Home

Sadly there are soo many people who won’t hesitate to leave their parents on roads . It’s a shelter for such parents which provides number of facilities to them. So it’s better to live at such place than roaming on the streets. Old Age Home take care of such Old citizens who are neglected by their Family. They Take care of them and give them friendly environment.


Inspite of the Previous Fact that how an Old Age Home provides so many Facilities still it has disadvantages. It can provide all the facilities that they need at such age but still it can’t give them that love which they need from their children or from other Family members. There are some parents who go to such place on their own desire just because of the cold behavior of their Family because they know that there is a place in town for them which will provide them shelter so they won’t hesitate to leave the house.

Wrap Up

Other than those Reasons and Disadvantages the question is:

  1. Why there are Old Age Homes in Pakistan??
  2. How a person can get that courage to send his/her Parent in such places??
  3. Inspite of knowing all the Hadits and sayings of holly Prophet how he can do such sin??

Wrap Up

I think that One of the greatest Titles in the world is Parent, And one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call Mom and Dad. Our Parents Deserves our Respect and Love as they gave us in our Childhood. They never considered us a burden than how can we?? If our parents can feed so many children alone than why so many children can’t feed their single Parent?? Now it’s a time to consider such things because time waits for none once they are gone they will never come back.

the greatest Titles in the world is Parent

Don't ever leave their Hand as they never Left Your's...

Don't ever leave their Hand as they never Left Your's

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  • Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.

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