Murder For Love

The murder for love is a satisfaction of ego or it can be to satisfy your self esteem. reasons of murder in love can be due to ego problem, or because of jealousy or not being able to accept the rejection but the question is Can you murder someone for the sake of love.
Murder For Love

There is a question which often hit on my mind that ‘Can anyone kill his/her love just for the love’?. Well answer should be definitely No but unfortunately and sadly answer can be yes too because it actually happens not only in Pakistan in fact worldwide. There are number of stories which for once will definitely gives you Goosebumps that the life of a person has become so cheap that anyone can kill someone just for this cheap love.

Murder For Love

Heart breaking Stories

Few days back on 27th January a girl named Asma was shot dead by one who claimed to love her but Asma refused her proposal. She was a medical student and was in 3rd year who was in kohat for spending her vacations. The guy who killed her was from very strong background or in other words you can say ‘Bigri aulad’

It wasn’t for the first time every time we come to know that someone killed someone just for the sake of love. Last year a guy killed his lover on her wedding day in her house and then commits suicide too.

Last year Hina shahnawaz who was M.phill degree holder and was an independent girl who used to take care of her family very well was murdered by her paternal cousin because she rejected his proposal of marriage so in anger and in revenge he took the life of an innocent soul.

Reasons anyone kill his/her love

1- Jealousy

Jealousy is a natural feeling which can be in a positive and it can be in a negative sense too. But if it is in a negative sense than it can completely destroy yours or someone’s life. The reason behind such murders can be a jealousy for opposite gender it mostly occurs when the other person rejects you for the sake of other person so you become jealous that if that person is not yours than that person should not be of anyone else.

2- Seek Revenge

This is a very common and obvious reason in such incidents. Usually people who seek revenge are driven by anger but in revenge you cause more damage to yourself than the other. After listening No from your lover can makes you wild where u totally forget the difference between good and bad and you just do what your anger demands from you.

3- Pain of Rejection

No doubt rejection is the most painful thing and especially when that rejection comes from a person whom you love most. Many people take it as an ego problem when their self esteem hurts most after being rejected so for their own self esteem they don’t hesitate to kill someone.

4- Powerful People

Now this so called power can also be the reason of such evil acts. There are many powerful people who think that the world and people living here are their property so whosoever they will choose that person is their property and they can own them and if they refuse to be their property than they have no right to live in this planet.

5- Media Major Role

Media has played a very major role in spreading such evil acts. Mostly media portrays the evil side of society which clearly depicts the murder of a girl or a boy for the sake of love which obviously puts wrong impression in the minds of our youth so they don’t hesitate to experience it in real life too.

6- Lack of Justice

This is the biggest tragedy of our society that here justice is served just to powerful people and rest of others don’t even think about justice. There are number of cases which has been closed without serving justice to victims because there is no proper law for such wild and powerful people which pumps them to spread it more.

Murder - Wrap Up

This is not the first murder which occurred just few days ago and sadly this will not be the last murder until we want to end it. We people don’t even know the meaning of love how can than we say randomly to anyone that they love them? Loving someone is even beyond their imaginations. Yes we can solve such issues because every problem has a solution too :

1-    Make some proper laws where justice will be served to all the victims without keeping in view their financial power.

2-    Stop portraying bad things on media or any social site.

3-    Parents can also play a major role in stopping this cruel act. Mostly people who are stubborn or who are aggressive from childhood should be treated well. Parents should try to make them calm because their aggressiveness and stubborn nature can produce severe damage in someone’s life.

4-    Financially strong parents should not spoil their children and should brought them well because in the end they have to repay for it.

If you really love someone than their happiness and willingness should be more important than your ego. Think over it !!

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    Mehak Ibad
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  • If you murder someone in love then that's not a love.

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