Mehndi ke Design on Eid ul Fitr 2018 - 23 Latest Pakistani Henna Collection

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Mehndi ke Design on Eid in Pakistan, celebrations are incomplete for girls when there is no mehndi. Girls on Chand rat can be seen in a hassle. As Eid is approaching, this hassle is expected to increase. This is because they either couldn't find best Eid mehndi dizain or a mehndi artist. Well! one of your problems has been solved because I have come up with a picture collection of 23 best Pakistani mehndi designs for Eid. It might be proved helpful in selecting a design pic of your choice.
Mehndi ke Design on Eid ul Fitr 2018 - 23 Latest Pakistani Henna Collection

Eid is the gift for Muslims for fasting the whole month of Ramadan from Almighty Allah. In Muslim countries, Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul Azha are the most awaited religious events of the year. Eid brings joy and togetherness among Muslims. eid is the message of love, peace, and sacrifice. The enthusiasm for Eid is worth observing in Asian Muslim countries i.e Pakistan and India. Here, both the Eids are the source of extreme happiness and pleasure. Families used to meet on this day because there is an official holiday of three days. They are free from the daily monotonous duty of job or businesses. Kids waited for Eid because they get Eidi from elders. Eid for girls is a mean of new dresses and mehndi of course.mehndi pic

Pakistani mehndi designs

Mehndi tradition is basically propagated by India and Pakistan. Pakistani mehndi is famous all around the world due to its uniqueness and individuality of designs. Mehndi art has become a source of handsome income for not girls only but for men also. Many male mehndi artists have now come up helping to improve the Mehndi art. Parlours and Salons even Mehndi and Chooristallss are rushed on Chand rat as girls come out of their houses for best and good looking mehndi on their hands and feet. So Eid season not only brings spiritual wealth but also become a source of income for many seasonal earners. Find out best mehndi design of your choice from our collection of Eid mehndi designs.mehndi pic

Backhand Arabic Tikki mehndi pic

A beautiful and scrumptious design of Arabic style is no doubt a definite choice for Eid mehndi designs. In Arabic designs, the center of Tikki is usually remained empty and is not filled as in our Pakistani designs. This Circle is then surrounded by a fence and then relatively larger sized dots. Last but not the least are swirling circles and a bunch of three tiny petals. The most unique part of this designs is that the Tikki is extended to the middle finger via wavy lines. Solitary rose on fingers looks absolutely perfect.mehndi pic

Heavy mehndi design-Pakistani mehndi

This heavily filled mehndi is best for those girls who got wedded just before Ramadan. This heavy pattern is purely depicting the traditional Pakistani architecture of mehndi designs.mehndi dizain

Floral half hand eid mehndi designs

Another perfect design for backhand is floral half design for all the pretty girls out there. The elegantly designed half sunflower on one side of the hand and a complete sunflower on the wrist with fingers carrying hanged petals is a perfect match.mehndi picture

Full front and backhand Pakistani mehndi pic

A brilliant combination of florals, geometric and dotted patterns. An amazing design for the girls looking for full hand mehndi on Eid. Now you can enjoy your Eid in full comfort and make your self some extraordinary with this beautiful design.eid mehndi designs

Ajrak style Eid mehndi designs

An amazing new style for girls to wear on Eid is Sindhi traditional Ajrak style. The Ajrak is considered to be one of the very basic traditions of Sindhi Culture. It is their trademark. Even Ajrak shawls and dresses are used as gifts. So what is better than wearing an Ajrak jacket with white Punjabi shalwar kameez and Ajrak block print on hands. What a beautiful blend of Sindhi and Punjabi culture.mehndi ke design

Backhand beautiful motif mehndi picture

Most of the girls like to have mehndi on their backhands because this side of the hands mostly exposed to the people. A beautiful thick motif for the girls who want a different design on their backhands. Now you can show the best side of your hands with more confidence and proud.pakistani mehndi designs

Floral and geometrical mehndi ke design

A unique blend of geometrical and floral patterns always give tremendous look. This design is unique in its beauty. Best suited for teenage girls. Double up your Eid celebrations with this amazing design.pakistani mehndi

Beautiful Pakistani mehndi designs

This beautiful and intricate design can be used both for front and backhand. Look at the thick mix of design. What an eye-catching look it gives. Getting Eid vibes, right???mehndi pic

Mehndi pic of light florals for the front hand

A very delicate floral and paisley mix design for the delicate girls. If you are wearing a heavy set of bangles than this kind of design is a perfect blend to give a moderate as well as attractive look to you.mehndi dizain

Rajhistani-Pakistani mehndi

A unique and different blend of Rajhistani culture with Pakistani culture is being presented below. Look at the image, isn't it looks royal. A large sized fully embroidered paisley extending to the arm. Intricated pattern on the fingers, thinly beaded patterns added more to its royalty.mehndi picture

Fantastic front hand Arabic mehndi picture

A very eccentric front hand design with Arabic touch will surely make your Eid day. Unique filled and empty circles blend on tips of fingers and a motif equally distributed between arm and hand is another ultimate option for you.eid mehndi designs

Eid-ul Azha eid mehndi designs

On Eid-ul Azha, girls prefer light designs than heavily embroidered designs. This flower line on backhand looks perfectly on Eid-ul Azha. An adorable design for all adorable girls.mehndi ke design

Simple Pakistani mehndi designs

Another simple yet decent design for girls is here. An elegant blend of floral and petals would give you a sophisticated look on Eid day.mehndi ke design

Chand rat mehndi pic

It is now evolved as a trend to host Chand rat party. Families or girl cousins arrange a meetup where they celebrate Chand rat together. Girls use to share mehndi designs with each other. The skilled mehndi artist among girls applies different mehndi designs on other girls hands. In such situation sometimes it becomes difficult for the artist girl to remember unique and different designs. Here is an option for her to select one of the best Chand rat design.pakistani mehndi

Eid mehndi designs for feet

Why only apply mehndi on hands. Your feet should also look equally classy and attractive. So here is a simple and decent floral design for you to wear on your feet on Eid day.mehndi ke design

Floral blast-Pakistani mehndi

A romantic expression on Eid can be achieved by this floral blast design. Isn't it unique in its look?. It looks simple yet full of Eid romance. A must wear mehndi design for pretty girls on Eid.pakistani mehndi designs

Colorful Eid mehndi picture

To add colors to your Eid I have chosen a simple, elegant yet colorful design for you that add various hues to the already rich color of mehndi, here's the best design for you!. Hope it would help in adding colors to your eid day. This design will cover your fingers hand and arm. A wonderful and colorful pattern is waiting for you.pakistani mehndi

Striped design- eid mehndi pic

One of the latest trends in mehndi designs for eid is the break design pattern in which after a certain distance the hand keeps blank to give a different look. This design at the same time shows perfect blend of dotted, floral and geometrical patterns. The ultimate option for Eid day.mehndi pic

Traditional Pakistani Tikki mehndi pic

What could be better than having your traditions on your hands? These traditional Tikki styles along with the colorful bangle correctly show our eastern beautiful culture.   The glory of our traditions is summarized in this mehndi style.mehndi dizain

Eid Mubarak mehndi ke design

A perfect front hand mehndi design to make your Eid Mubarak for you. This Eid Mubarak design proves to be very eye-catchy on Eid Day. So Eid Mubarak in Advance from my side.pakistani mehndi

Fishnet and Paisley-Mehndi pic

Another perfect design for engaged or newly wedded girls. This novel combination of fishnet with cross lines and swirls gives out a scrumptious look to the hands. It will surely give a pleasant and romantic appearance to the groom on eid and to other onlookers.mehndi pic

Color me red- instant mehndi picture

This is for the girls, who for some reasons couldn't find time to apply mehndi. This instant design is here to rescue you on Eid day. All you need to do is to follow the pattern. And if you want instant color use chemical cone mehndi. It will surely color your hands red instantly.mehndi ke design

Fingers and coughs-geometrical mehndi pic

Girls! another decent option for you. This geometrically designed finger and cough pattern are worthy to apply on Eid. If you are looking for something interestingly unique and beautiful, then you are at right place. Grab your mehndi cone and put this brilliant design on your beautiful hands.eid mehndi designs

Large petals-beautiful mehndi picture

A perfect backhand design for the Cute girls. Large petal embroidered heavily on the outlines looks amazing. The extending vine to the index finger adds to the beauty of the design.pakistani mehndi

As Ramadan is approaching and so is Eid festival, I hope this blog would help you on Chaand rat while choosing designs. Let me know in the comment section how it helped you out. Eid Mubarak in Advance.eid mehndi designs

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