Local Companies new Cars 2018

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Where are new companies are waiting to capture the market in Pakistan on the same hand the local companies are launching new models to maintain their place in the market and providing new models to the customers.
Local Companies new Cars 2018

Numerous organizations have officially affirmed their plans for putting resources into Pakistan in the coming year, while others are gaining the vital endorsements and nearby help.

Toyota Pakistan

Indus Motors is making arrangements for a major summer. The organization is relied upon to stop XLI and GLI models and supplant them with sparkling new models.

Toyota will dispatch following models:

Toyota Fortuner-Diesel Variant

Fortuner has just hit the streets, Toyota will dispatch its diesel variation in 2018. You can get this for Rs 5.5 million.

Toyota Fortuner-Diesel Variant

Toyota Vios or Toyota Yaris will replace XLI and GLI as per predicitons.

Toyota Vios

The 1300 cc car costs Rs 1.75 million, it is expected to be the replacement of XLI and GLI models.

Toyota Vias

Toyota Yaris

2018 Yaris is a move up to the Vitz display. This 1000 cc auto will cost Rs 1.6 to 1.8 million roughly.

Yaris Toyota

Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo

Honda will relaunch the 1.5L Turbo variation of Honda Civic. The dispatch was deferred as Honda blamed neighborhood fuel for being substandard quality and causing motor thumping and sensor disappointment. This variation of Civic will cost around Rs 2.8 million.


Pak Suzuki Price

Pak Suzuki as of late uncovered the 2018 uber convey for the neighborhood advertise, straightforwardly going up against Hyundai Shehzore. The vehicle costs Rs 1.5 million.

2018 Suzuki Mega Carry

Suzuki is additionally anticipated that would dispatch 150 cc bicycles trying to pick up a greater offer of bicycle showcase, points of interest are yet to uncovered. The bicycle will cost some place around Rs. 150,000.

Suzuki Carry

Road Prince

Aside from these organizations, Road Prince will join forces with Chinese organization DFSK to dispatch 3 Completely Built Unit Vehicles.


Expected price: Rs. 600,000-800,000

Road prince Dfsk

DFSK Van Pasajeros V

Expected Price: Rs 1.5 Million

Dfsk van

DFSK K05 Van

dfsk load hopper

Volkswagen and Sazgar

Sazgar Engineering will collaborate with a Chinese car maker to gather autos in Pakistan. Delegates of Volkswagen, one of the greatest auto organizations on the planet, additionally met with PM Pakistan and demonstrated extraordinary enthusiasm for putting resources into Pakistan. Volkswagen beforehand reported that they will dispatch T6 and Amarok autos in Pakistan soon.

Amarok Information

This four-wheel-drive six-gear automatic transmission pickup truck is surely something to look at. The truck will cost Rs 4-5 million.


Volkswagen T6

Volkswagen T6 traveler van is best for you in the event that you are arranging a trek north with family. Global cost of the van ranges from Rs 3.8 million to Rs 4.8 million.

Volkswagen t6

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