Facts About Liberals/Liberalism

People need to understand one thing that being liberal and being Fahash are entirely two different things. The facts about liberals or true liberalism is to accept your surrounding and adjust yourself according to the environment. broadminded people are not cheap or arrogant but you should not be that much conservative also.
Facts About Liberals/Liberalism

‘Liberal’ or ‘Liberalism’ are the two most commonly used words especially in Pakistan but sadly no one knows the exact meaning of these words. Well there is a mis concept about being liberal is that a person having a broad mind and broad vision about everything or a person who can accept anything that can be ‘fahashi’ too are said to be most liberal ones and ofcourse holding liberal views is said to be liberalism. Well story is quite opposite and one should know the true meaning of being liberal.

Liberal / Liberalism

A person who can accept the idea of other person whether it’s quite opposite from their own vision or a person inspite of having a broad mind can adjust in a quite conservative environment is the most liberal one. Being liberal doesn’t mean to do things which are totally opposite to your culture, your society and your surroundings. It means to accept society and to accept the thinking and vision of your surroundings.

Liberal / Liberalism

Mis Concepts of Liberals

1- Better than Any1 else

If there is one thing that liberals are sure of beyond all others, it’s that they are better, more smart and more capable than anyone else. They think that as we have broader sense of vision which means we are better than all conservative people which is quite stupid mis concept.

2- Spreading 'Fahashi' means Having Broad Mind

Many broad minded people think that wearing vulgar dresses while living in a conservative society is just a liberalism and they consider those people narrow minded who don’t wear such dresses. Well there is quite a difference between being liberal and being vulgar.

Spreading 'Fahashi' means Having Broad Mind

3- True Victim

Many liberals think that they are true victim as conservative society often don’t accept such broadminded people and even they often make fun of liberal people well minorities often have to face many difficulties. They think that they are in favor of progress and they are just changing the concepts of society with their liberal attitude.

Mis Concepts about Liberals

No doubt having a liberal mind is quite a good thing but there are many mis concepts   that every liberal person have to face especially while living in Pakistan because in Pakistan we have our own unique way of defining things.

1- Anti Religious

It’s a quite stupid Mis concept for liberals that they are far away from religion. People often think that those who are broad minded have no knowledge about their religion and people assume that such liberals are anti religion and have zero tolerance for those who follow religion.

2- Supporting Western Agenda

Liberals often have to hear such things that you are supporting western culture or you are not Muslim etc. Well this thing should have to be clear out that having broad mind doesn’t makes you Non-Muslim and having narrow mind doesn’t makes you pious man.

3- Cheap Woman

If you are a woman with having broad concepts about everything means prepare yourself with such non acceptable words because in Pakistan a man with broad mind is somehow acceptable but woman with broad mind is not acceptable at all even this society don’t hesitate to call them ‘whore’ or ‘cheap woman’.

Cheap Woman

4- Arrogant

Many people think that they are arrogant and don’t like to talk with other people because of their attitude problem well maybe this is because they escape themselves from any type of criticism because such people are often being criticized almost by every one which is quite depressing.

Wrap Up

It’s a famous saying that ‘Excess of everything is bad’. Having so much conservative mind or having so much broad mind, both cause problem. It’s not that u should not be liberal in a conservative society. Yes you can by :

1-    Understanding and accepting other’s opinion of life

2-    Without making fun of others

3-    Without imposing your vision on others

4-    By adjusting yourself in society in spite of having broad mind and broad vision about life

Being modern is not at all liberalism, because being vulgar and being liberal are two opposite things. While living in an Islamic society or while living in a conservative surroundings if you are spreading modernism at it’s peak than you are not at all included in the list of liberals. Yes do whatever you want to do, speak whatever you want to speak or wear whatever you want but while looking at your surroundings. Extreme liberalism is just a mental disorder try to save yourself from it.

Fact about Wrap Out

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  • Every person in the world is different in all perspectives. Eats walks talkes reads everything does in his own way. But we human want to rule we want the whole world in a way we want or like which is not possible.

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