Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

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Heavy bikes in Pakistan have always been an expensive ardour. Heavy bikes price in pakistan have always been expensive but with the launch of other amazing heavy bikes other manufacturers also stood up and launch new 5 sports bike which you can easily purchase.
Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

Heavy Bikes price in Pakistan

Rising awareness among the Pakistanis due to improving living style conditions has led to the awareness of motorists in the county. Heavy bikes and Sports bikes have always been an expensive ardor in Pakistan. We have seen in Pakistan is the creating of Atlas Honda CD 70’s and 125’s. But with the launch of Yamaha’s YBR series back in 2015, a lot of bike manufacturers stood up and launched some exciting sports bikes. With the new current rate list of Bikes in Pakistan, customers can avail a variety of options when planning to buy a sports bike. Here is a list of 5 sports bikes you can easily buy at a price of 2.5 lakh rupees. These heavy bikes in Pakistan are also becoming popular due to their Price and spec.Heavy Bikes in Pakistan

Power Archi 150

Power Archi 150 was introduced and launched under the flagship of Pirani Group and Super Power. The bike features including a 4stroke, single cylinder air cooled engine and electric starter system. Power Archi 150 is one of the finest Chinese bikes considering its design and aerodynamics. The dynamic front and backlight make this bike look sporty and aggressive beautiful look.Fuel efficiency is also satisfactory. Average fuel consumption is 35 to 45 km in a liter and speed is 100 km/hour. Maybe not a good option when the Honda and Suzuki are offering great features at almost same prices.The Power Archi 150 is price near about 137,000 PKR.Power Archi 150 Heavy Bikes Price in Pakistan

Wego 150 Bike

Wego 150 sports bike was introduced under the flagship of Road Prince before in 2015. It can be said that recognizing the upcoming boom in the bike market, Road prince grabbed this window of opportunity and launched a 150cc sports bike under the price around of 2 lac rupees. Wego 150cc has aerodynamics with a digital meter, hydraulic shocks and a robust sound. The build quality of Wego 150 isn’t appreciable however it is a considerable bike for people who are obsessed with buying a sports bike on a limited budget. Wego 150 is available for a budget of 180,000 PKR.Wego 150

Zxmco Sports Bike

Zxmco has launched a 200cc sports bike in January 2017.ZXMCO Cruise 200 is not available in dealerships and showrooms but it is expected that the new Cruise 200 will make a strong influence on the bike market in Pakistan. ZXMCO Cruise 200 qualities big-size design built side covers, sporty speed-o-meter, split-type handlebars, USB port and dynamic alloy wheels.The price of ZXMCO Cruise 200 is yet to be revealed but it is expected that the price tag would be somewhere around 0.2 million PKR. Unique 150cc was launched in April 2017 and comes with a digital meter, hydraulic shocks, alloy rims, self-start motor, front and rear disk brakes, wet clutch and above all else, a super aggressive and downforce design. The price and list of specifications are yet to be revealed by the company, but unconfirmed sources say that it will be priced around 160,000 PKR.Umar Akmal and Kamran Akmal while Zxmco Bike

Super Power 200

When the motorbike, ZXMCO 200cc launched in the market, there is another variant in the 200cc category was also launched.Start of February 2017 SuperPower launched a 200cc sports bike in a privately organized in Pakistan Super League (PSL) star-studded event. The SuperPower 200cc is equipped with Large Integrated Side Covers, Split-type handlebars, USB port, Multistage triangular muffler, Scald-proof flexible pipe, Optional lens headlight, Sporty Design and Alloy Wheels.The sporty headlights, adds to the beauty of the bike and the bikes look elegant. The front wheel disk brake is provided on the front side and it is expected that the bike will be provided at the reasonable rates of Rs. 2.5 to 3 lac and more options are introduced in 200 cc bike category.Super Power 200

Hi-Speed Infinity 150

The all-new 2017 Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc is a Chinese sports bike which is being sold by the name of Zongshen Infinity 150 in the Pakistan motorbike market. Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc 2017 is a sports bike which is fully equipped with the latest features and specs. First of all, talking about the engine, the bike comes with a 149CC air cooled single cylinder engine. The engine has overhead valves and is equipped with dual spark technology. The engine makes 11.4 BHP at 8,000 RPM and 10 Nm of torque at 7,500 RPM. The engine also comes with a balancer shaft to reduce the inherent vibration associated with single cylinder engines. Engine’s bore and stroke is 62mm by 49.5mm and has a compression ratio of 9.2:1.Please share your review about This Blog in the comment section.hi speed infinity 150cc

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