Lahore history & Rich Pakistani Culture

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Once called “the Paris of the east” still stays the center of attraction for everyone especially in the past few years. The present-day Lahore is divided into three regions. The old city existed for at least a thousand years and is situated in and around the circular road. The second region is basically was built by the Britishers, covers the area from Mayo Hospital to the Canal Bank.Third region is which includes various posh localities such new Bahria Town, Defence Housing. Read Lahore history
Lahore history & Rich Pakistani Culture

Lahore History

A mythological legend, based on oral traditions, states that Lahore was named after Lava, son of the Hindu god Rama, who supposedly founded the city. Likewise, the Ravi River that flows through northern Lahore was said to be named in honor of the Hindu goddess Durga.

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. It is a city impossible to ignore with all its festivities, rich culture, and scrumptious food. Even when the subcontinent’s partition was underway, both Indians and Pakistanis yearned for Lahore’s inclusion in their respective homelands. According to an old, famous Punjabi quote, Such is the affiliation and regard held for a city that has a profound historic charm, evergreen gardens, and food-loving people as some of its primary assets. With the emergence of new shopping malls, fashion boutiques, and endless restaurants, the metropolis has further livened to keep up with the spiritedness of its vibrant citizens.

Food is the primary entertainment for any Lahori.Lahore’s roads are never devoid of cars, with many Lahoris en route their favorite food spots.Yousuf Falooda is the oldest and most renowned dessert shop in the area, which serves three delicious toppings of rabri and ice cream floating in a sea of wobbly transparent noodles.Jilani Park is situated at jail road and is a point of annual programs, competitions, and exhibitions.Hazuri Bagh Baradari at its center this lovely garden is walled by different historical and famous places of Lahore and is a worth visiting place with family.Bagh-e-Jinnah incorporating an elegant Jinnah library inside like a white palace, this beautiful Jinnah garden is a most famous place to visit for the family picnic or to enjoy reading books.Lahore Garden with an essence of Mughal period this beautiful evergreen garden is surely a place to visit with your friends and family to refresh your mind with nature.Lahore History -  portrait

Lahore Famous Places

When you are entering Data Darbar, South Asia’s oldest shrine, one has to pass through multiple security gates and a large number of devotees crowding the front porch. It is time for the afternoon lunch and all followers of the Sufi saint Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh have lined up to get their hands on a bowl of zarda (sweet yellow rice).Wazir Khan Mosque also Known as a “Mole on the cheek of Lahore” this beautiful mosque covered with decorated tiles is a worth visiting place to see Indo-Islamic architecture method.Race Course Park is one of the largest parks in Lahore, with a three kilometers long jogging track, snaking past meadows of lush greenery, beautiful fountains, a handsome playground and a gigantic polo ground.

Every few yards, you will look or see gardeners diligently trimming bushes, watering the grass, or best view, preparing a colossal beautiful flower garden for Lahore’s upcoming new Spring Festival.Tall sunflowers, pink orchids, and two-colored roses steal the show with bright purple daisies and tulips not far behind. During spring, the park is a mega attraction for families, right after the commencement of the polo tournament. The polo ground with its ample seating capacity and restaurant, The Polo Lounge, provides Lahoris an enjoyable and relaxing weekend coupled with a game of interest and delicious food.Grand Jamia Mosque (Bahria Town) located in Bahria Town, Grand Jamia Mosque is the world’s 7th largest and Pakistan’s 3rd largest mosque in Pakistan and the best place to visit from the Islamic perspective.Lahore Culture Data Darbar

Historical Places in Lahore and Lahore Garden

Every day at the Darbar, food is served to hundreds of people, with qawalis occasionally playing in the background. Devotees of the saint, often men with long hair and shabby clothes, are seen performing the dhamaal (Sufi dance) underneath the two pointed golden minarets. Every day, numerous people from all backgrounds visit the shrine in order to gain blessings of their Lord by praying at the saint’s tomb.Lahore's Tower the larger of these two towers is visible from many points at the nearby Mall Road, thereby further enhancing the magnificence and grandeur of the institution. Grey pigeons sit on the balconies and arched windows of the building as students stroll through the hustle and bustle of vast corridors.

Shia Masjid Lahore depicting best of the Shia culture, this beautiful mosque is a great place to visit especially for people belonging to fiqah jafriya.Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort, If you are planning to have a lot of fun with friends or family then it’s the best place to visit where you can enjoy swimming and water fighting. Sheesh, Mahal (Lahore Fort) constructed during the period of Shah Jahan, this masterpiece made of a variety of colors of glass is located at the corner of Lahore Fort and is worth watching and praising.Lahore Museum established between the epochs of 1865 to 1866, it is located on the mall of Lahore and incorporates many worth watching historical things, so it’s obviously a good place to visit especially for history students. Who comes to increase their knowledge about Lahore history. Alamgir tower touching the sky this beautiful bluish tower is the masterpiece.lahore history - lahore sufi people

The Old Lahore, Lahore Culture, and Lahore's Building

Lahore included of an old Lahore City area flanked on the southeast by newer commercials, industrials, and residential areas that are in turn ringed by suburbs. The old Lahore city was at one time surrounded by a wall and a moat, but these structures have been changed, except in the north. A round road around the rampart provides access to the old city included 13 gates. Printable structures within the old city include the mosque of Wazir Khan (1634) and Lahore Fort. A walled complex that covers some 36 acres, the fort is a splendid example of Mughal architecture design, it was partially built by Akbar during reigned 1556–1605 and extended by the next three emperors.

Lahore has many buildings that are marvelous reminders of Lhaore history. Government College (GC), amongst all universities of the city, is the finest example of gothic architecture. The building’s two spires protrude from enormous brown-bricked towers, under which many renowned men and women of Pakistan once roamed as students.Nawankot Monuments situated about a mile south of Chauburji on the Multan Road, this three-centered double-arched gateway was constructed in cut brick-work. It is almost entirely covered with caramelized mosaic tile work in green, blue, yellow and orange.The interior is richly decorated with fresco paintings in red and green"`. The form of this gateway follows the standard design prevalent at the time, but the roofline is distinguished by a decorative row of castellations in the form of stylised naga hoods and airy kiosks on four corners.lahore history - Old Lahore and Lahore Famous Places

Lahore Fort, Lahore Food, and Lahore Pakistan

Lahore Fort also well famous as Shahi Qila.It is located in the north-western corner of the historical city of Lahore Pakistan. Though irregular in the scheme the fort measures near about 427 meters towards the east-west side and 335 meters north-south including the fortification wall added later during the Sikh rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Lahore history is related to the detailed history of the fort is a living witness of the zenith and nadir of the Mughals, the Sikhs, and the colonial rulers. The art of the fort building reflects a series of monuments from Emperor Akbar to the Aurangzeb.The sun sets, the delicious aroma of mouth-watering pakoras, gol gappas, chicken tikkas, korma, and haleem intensify in old Anarkali.

Beautiful flower-shaped lights and lanterns now brighten up the atmosphere of this heavenly Food Street. There is a long queue of small restaurants, most of which are devoid of ample seating capacity. With the right amount of spices, paired with Nan roti, Paya is the perfect dish for breakfast and dinner. With the genda (marigold) flower harvesting in spring, the Lahore Canal is adorned with beautiful lights hanging from trailing tree branches, colorful postures, and bright artificial flowers. Best viewed at night, the canal, with traffic meandering alongside both its sides, is a nucleus of vibrant boats and colorful sculptures, all fixed upon stands inside its light brown water.In earliest times, it was a colony of Kangra hill Kingdoms and was a cut-off township on the trade route to Delhi It had hardly any reputation in the Pre-Muslim era.lahore history - Lahore Food street

Minar e Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque

Minar-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Day Memorial) is a minar which was built to commemorate the day when the Pakistan resolution was passed on March 23, 1940. The main tower of this memorial was completed on March 22, 1968.Located in Iqbal Park, the Minar-e-Pakistan (Tower of Pakistan) is 203 feet tall, with Pakistan’s national anthem inscribed inside the base of the structure.The location was originally known as Minto Park.Recently a small museum has also been added to the mosque complex, which contains relics of Muhammad, his cousin, and his daughter, Hazrat Fatima Zahra. Like the character of its founder, the mosque is bold, vast and majestic in its expression.

The top of the Minar can easily be reached either by stairs or the elevator. The tower’s site was the focal point where the call for Pakistan was given to the Muslims of the subcontinent back in 1940.The magnificent Minar is visible from the River Ravi Bridge, the nearby Lahore Fort, as well as from an airplane window during take-off. On account of its historical and national significance, Iqbal Park is the venue for many political rallies and protests in the country.Lahore’s most historic, longest and busiest road is home to various monuments, parks, educational institutions, and hotels; Midway Mall Road.Amongst Lahore’s best landmarks and tourist attractions is Badshahi Mosque. Its huge minarets and red sandstone walls are a glorious reminder of the Mughal architecture. Located in close proximity of both the Minar-e-Pakistan and the Lahore Fort, the mosque serves as a major congregation center for Eid prayers.Minar e Pakistan,Lahore History

MM Alam Road and Restaurants in Lahore

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) plans to establish a Central Business District focusing on MM Alam Road to encourage businesses and create jobs in the city.MM Alam Road is a busy two-way road hosting many flamboyant restaurants and designer boutiques. Named after the Pakistani Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam, who passed away in 2013. The commercial road now serves as a big shopping and dining center.The mooted Central Business District will cover parts of Gulberg roughly bounded by Jail Road to the north, MM Alam Road to the east, Shahrah-e-Noor Jehan to the south and Hali Road to the west.It will include all of Main Boulevard up to the Liberty roundabout.

The village is one of the more popular restaurants on MM Alam Road, with an aesthetically pleasing mud-thatched building, artificial bullocks, and colorful hand fans, amongst its apt rural decor. Its evening buffet provides a good respite from adjacent lawn boutiques since it provides a wide variety of sumptuous snacks like crispy-coated fish, spicy saag (spinach), savory gol gappas, colorful lachas (marshmallows), richly creamed kulfis, crunchy makkai roti (cornbread) and much more.Anyone living in Lahore has been to Cosa Nostra numerous times and probably knows the menu by heart. However, one of the most coveted restaurants in town now has a new and revamped menu in their La Tavola section that deserves to be tried.Located in the dead center of the city, The Lahore Social is a fancy, new place to try this year. It has a comfortable ambiance.MM Alam Road and Restaurants - lahore history

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