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The people of Kashmir have been facing traumatic conditions under despots for centuries.The tragic episode upset Kashmiri's in every way. Here is the information about freedom movement, free Kashmir, Azadi March, Kashmir history, Indian atrocities in Kashmir and black day.
Free Kashmir

Hazrat Umer Farooq says," Man was conceived free, however why you have kept him in chains of subjugation?".Freedom has been the watchword and inspiring purpose in Kashmir for a long time. Absolutely it isn't everyone's benefit to singing the melody of flexibility. Just those hearts throb for it that really observe the hooks of abuse in a human culture and have the strength to represent the welfare of humankind.

Azadi Movement

The Azadi development in Indian held Kashmir against India is getting the force and appears to close to accomplish its objectives. Albeit 17000 lives have been asserted since 1989, however, development is proceeding with exciting by youthful enlivened Kashmiries. They are managing the development with their blood. A great many Kashmiris are partaking in dissent. They serenade mottos "Go India Go", "We will take shots in our head however never surrender". So far 53 dissidents have been executed and generally shot by police.

Over the most recent three months, there has been a new upsurge. As against 335 experiences amid 2008 and 236 of every 2009, the current year's figures are considerably higher. Amid lash 10 days, Indian powers have just killed 53 dissidents amid challenges. Till now India has been naming the development motivated by Pakistan. Be that as it may, the present period of protection has shaken Delhi. What's more, now India recognizes that the development is home developed. Notwithstanding world weight, India has sent 1500 more troops to Kashmir to guarantee serious time limitation.
Azadi Kashmir

History of Kashmir

The general population of Kashmir has been confronting horrible conditions under tyrants for quite a long time. Indeed, even their own particular Kashmiri Kings with the exception of a couple were not kind to them. In any case, it was the Mughal King Akbar who deceptively brought Kashmir under his Delhi run the show. The appalling scene disturbs Kashmiris inside and out and considerably more dread and oppression were propagated by Afghan governors and Sikh rulers. This embarrassing situation did not end here. In spite of the fact that the British delivered a shameful annihilation on the Sikh leaders of Punjab, however, Kashmiris were sold to Dogra Rajas of Jammu, who under the support of British treated them like not too sharp steers for one hundred years. As per the British students of history, the status of Kashmiris was certainly more terrible than the general population of France before the French upheaval. The governors of Delhi, Kabul, and Lahore looked downward on Kashmiris as the Roman Pro-chambers treated Africans.

Role Of Pakistan

The Kashmir question amongst Pakistan and India has by and by become the overwhelming focus in the two-sided relations between the two nations. In a progression of articulations and counter-explanations by Pakistani and Indian authorities, the two nations have emphasized their position on the issue and held their tenacious positions. Recently, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, said that he is sitting tight for the day that Kashmir turns out to be a piece of Pakistan. Normally, this hit a nerve with India, and its Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj countered in her announcement, "Kashmir can never turn into a piece of Pakistan." To this Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz answered that lone Kashmiris have the privilege to choose their destiny.

The present uprising in Kashmir and the awkward treatment of Kashmiris by Indian security organizations provoked Pakistan to stretch out its conciliatory help to the Kashmiris and inclination the worldwide group to focus on it. This was especially fundamental since Kashmir is from time to time given its due offer of thought by the global group, and the cries of local people for help does not go past the valley. Be that as it may, as the eyes of the world are currently gradually moving towards India for its overabundances in Kashmir, Pakistan chose to expand weight on India by supporting the development for "Azadi" (flexibility) there. It is in this light late explanations by Pakistan and India should be seen. They are an endeavour by Pakistan to demonstrate the world that the Kashmir issue is fuelled by nearby grievances for which India is capable. In the interim, India is endeavouring to shut all data leaving Kashmir, and attempting to stick the fault of the uprising on periphery gatherings, which as per India have the help from associations inside Pakistan. In any case, in the midst of the majority of this strategic wrangling, the voice of Kashmiris is prominently truant, and this is the part that should be dealt with to offer equity to them.

Indian atrocities in Kashmir

ON October 27 every year, Kashmir Black Day is watched across the country in Pakistan and furthermore crosswise over the globe. This is a day when Indian powers unlawfully, commandingly and in glaring infringement of universal law possessed Kashmiris' property, which began the darkest period in J&K history. State fear based oppression that India released on unarmed unprotected Kashmiris has unfavourably influenced more than a million Kashmiris. More than 1m Kashmiris stand influenced by the Indian security powers regarding slaughters, additional legal killings, arranged experiences and sorted out disrespecting of ladies combined with the self-assertive capture of several thousand with their destiny obscure for a considerable length of time.

The Indian security powers have been given virtual invulnerability to submit human rights infringement in Kashmir as Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) and Public Safety Act (PSA). AFSPA grants the military to capture anybody and enter any property without a warrant. They are approved to flame upon or generally utilize compel against quiet dissidents. The general population in Indian possessed Kashmir have endured huge human rights mishandle and since 1947, so much more than 200,000 Kashmiris have been slaughtered by the Indian powers, more than 10,000 individuals are absent, around 22,826 Kashmiri ladies have been widowed, 10,717 Kashmiri ladies have been group assaulted and around 107,591 kids have been stranded. In addition, there are an expected 1500 half-dowager spouses whose husbands have vanished yet not yet pronounced as dead.
Indain Aerocitees

Kashmir Day in Italy

Italian Minister for Defense Mrs Roberta Pinotti said that her nation did not endure utilization of power and deadly weapons like pellet firearms against quiet dissidents in Kashmir and said that it couldn't be permitted to go on. She additionally said that Italy would raise the Kashmir issue at worldwide gatherings and notified the world group about what was happening in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

Kashmir Day in Indonesia

Kashmir Solidarity Day was seen in Pakistan Embassy, Jakarta with the coordinated effort of Kashmir Solidarity Forum. The occasion was tended to by Ambassador Aqil Nadeem, Dr Zahir Khan and Col. Shahid Siddeeq, Defense Attache. The occasion was gone to by understudies from different Universities, individuals from Pakistani people group, media people and was trailed by a Q&A session.
Indonesia KasHmir

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