Joint Family System in Pakistan

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Joint Family System in Pakistan

Joint Family System in Pakistan

A Joint Family is a large undivided family where more than one generation live together in a common house. Pakistani society is divided in rural and urban society. We are living in 20th century things have changed much. Few decades ago mostly people preferred to live in a joint family where they used to live happily with each other but now mostly people prefer to live separately. There are number of reasons for it. Where there are advantages of joint family system it has disadvantages too but it depends on us that how we can convert it’s dis-advantages into advantages.

Advantages of Joint Family

There are number of benefits for those who are living in a joint family system:

  1. No financial Issue
  2. Burden shared by every1
  3. Love among Families
  4. Stand with each other through Thick and thin
  5. Children value different Relationships
  6. Understanding among every Individual

Yes when we live in a joint family we can share burden if one member of the family don’t earn well than the other family member with high income can support him and his family. If any problem comes to one individual than together they can easily solve it. Love is very important in any relation Joint system develops love among families and when there is love among families than the children of such families value relationships.

Advantages of Joint Family

Dis-advantages of Joint Family

Where there are advantages there will be dis-advantages too because no system is perfect but we can overcome these dis-advantages:

  1. Sometimes burden comes on a single person because sometimes there is only 1 member in a family who is earning and rest of the members are jobless. In this case he have to feed all the members which is not easy
  2. In joint family there is a head of the family and rest of other members have to listen to him and in many families rest of the members are not allowed to give their opinion in any matter.
  3. When we live in a joint family for so long disputes also occurs because no one can agree with some one all the time every one has different point of view
  4. Sometimes jealousy occurs among family members because when one member has more income than others than automatically other members will get jealous which is not a good thing.

Dis-advantages of Joint Family

According to Islam

There are lot of people who confuse culture and religion and think that joint families are part of Islam. Well there is no concept of Joint family in Islam it’s a culture which we have adopted from Hindus. In Islam if a woman wants to live separately along with her husband than she has this right. She can demand for a separate house because her duty is to look after her husband and her kids not all the family members.

Wrap Up

wrap up

The concept of Joint Family has decreased much now mostly people prefer to live separately due to number of reasons:

  1. Lack tolerance
  2. Don’t like Interference
  3. Lack of love and affection in Families
  4. Jealousy Factor and many more

We are living in a century where we can’t tolerate any interference of any one even not of our parents. We lack patience. We get jealous by other’s happiness No love is left among families and the main reason is today’s generation don’t value relationships. They have no concern with other family members but it’s not their fault because when parents will not show any concern than how can we expect this from them. No doubt In Islam there is no concept of Joint family but Islam emphasizes to value relation ship, to love others and to help your family through thick and thin and If there are so many advantages in any system than why not to adopt that system? So it’s better to live in a joint family with Love and peace than to live separately with hatred and Alien.

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