Jeremy McLellan - A Journey of American Comedian to Pakistan

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If you haven’t been following new face of comedy the American Comedian Jeremy McLellan's on social media, you’re missing so much. He is now "Pakistan's favorite Gora" after funny tweet against India while his trip to Pakistan. He spent 14 days though, he’s been touring different parts of Pakistan conducting stand-up comedy shows organized by Kuch Khaas and updating his international fanbase about his daily experiences on social media.
Jeremy McLellan - A Journey of American Comedian to Pakistan

“I’ve continuously been inquisitive about faith, faith publically life, and the way spirituality affects folks and their approach to politics. And I’ve continuously talked regarding social problems, however, within the past year, lots of stuff I used to be spoken language started going infectious agent among Muslims” By Jeremy McLellan.Jeremy is favourite "Gora" of Pakistani folks. He continuously wished to come back to Pakistan as he has such a large amount of smart Friends and Fans here. Pakistan is are asking McLellan to go to Pakistan for an extended time and once he finally proclaimed he would be in Pakistan in August, everybody gets too excited. He visited Pakistan in August 2017.

If you haven’t been following American comedian Jeremy McLellan and his quirky, travel-blogger-esque updates from his ongoing trip to Pakistan, you’ve been missing out! His quick wit, local references, warm anecdotes and willingness to try everything and anything that is Pakistani has made us fans almost overnight.
While Visiting To Pakistan

Jeremy McLellan Born and raised in Charleston, South geographic region, Jeremy McLellan may be a rising star in the standup comedy world. He was simply honoured as a "New Face of Comedy" at the distinguished only for laughs Comedy competition in an urban centre and won the 2015 and 2016 Charleston Standup Comedy Competition and was named Best native Comic within the Charleston town Paper. A devout Christian with a passion for social justice, Jeremy may be a staple at religious events around the world.
Jeremy Mclellan

Comedian Jeremy McLellan's journey to Pakistan

Pakistan may be a stunning country that everybody needs to go to Pakistan. Jeremy McLellan is one in each of the World Health Organization idolized to explore distinctive cultures and traditions. Everybody got ready for a Gora comedian visiting our country. Though, he’s been touring different parts of Pakistan conducting stand-up comedy shows organised by Kuch Khaas and updating his international fanbase about his daily experiences on social media.

In Islamabad

McLellan toured Pakistan in August 2017 for 3 weeks. He did six sold-out shows in the city and Islamabad organized by amusement company Kuch Khaas. 3 shows in the national capital at The Millennium University school, national capital Club, and Aiwan-e-Quaid.Moreover, he provided free care to villages around the Islamabad with a dental team through a fundraiser.
Jeremy Mclellan With Pakistanis

In Lahore Shows

In Lahore,   Reham Khan. In Lahore, he did 3 shows at Forman Christian school, palace Hall, and quick NUCES. He celebrated the national holiday of Pakistan on 14 August. The tour clad to achieve success and a crowd-puller. His activity on social media throughout that point was conjointly liked in Pakistan including a troll to anchor Reham Khan. He conjointly had a thought to go to the Karachi, Pakistan in 2018Jeremy Mclellan holding Pakistan Flag

Jeremy Experiences about Pakistan

“I’ve wanted to come to Pakistan for years because of how many good friends and fans I have who are Pakistani and Pakistani-American. Also, I love the chai here! It’s nothing like when you buy it in the US,” Jeremy told The Express Tribune. “I finally got the chance to come when my dear friend Dr Sultan Chaudhry told me about his humanitarian mission in Islamabad, with a team of dental professionals. I jumped at the chance to join their team and also do shows in Pakistan at the same time.”Jeremy may be a biryani-loving, yank comedian World Health Organization accompanied a bunch of dentists on their humanitarian mission to supply free care to the villagers around the national capital. Most folks World Health Organization were unable to attend any of his shows in Pakistan can continuously have his uproarious social media account to travel back to. he's still posting and discussing his wonderful experiences concerning Pakistan on social media. Here square measure a number of his favourite things from Pakistan square measure the native, authentic, historically created food Specially Biryani. Now, this guy may be Caucasian on the outside but he is a true desi at heart. Best experience so far has been driving through the streets of Lahore on Independence Day, on top of a car, immersed in the collective joy of the nation. Who else would enjoy shuttling in rickshaws and biryani and chai so much? And not to mention, he sure knows how to celebrate Jashn-e-Azadi with the true spirit of a ‘Pindi boy. About the desi foods When asked if he is adjusting well to spicy Pakistani cuisine, Jeremy responded, “I eat desi food all the time in the US so I’m used to the spices. It’s amazing to have it for every meal here though.”
Jeremy Mclellan on Bike

Knowledge of Pakistan and Pakistani jokes

Another thing about Jeremy that has gripped us from the beginning is his knowledge of Pakistan and Pakistani jokes. Although the comedian seems to be right at home in Lahore and Islamabad, he does get minor spells of culture shock and homesickness. “Lots of stray dogs here and I haven’t seen any pet dogs yet. In the US, you’d see people walking their dogs on leashes. What I’m saying is… I miss my Kutta,” Jeremy wrote in one of his posts. “They put broken glass on top of walls to keep people from climbing over….Seems like it’d be easy to do it anyway. Not gonna try,” he said in another. Jeremy also joked about making many new friends. “Small lizards called chipkalis are in a lot of the houses.

Pakistani Clothes

Jeremy had a great experience of Pakistani clothes and designs too. Nice little friend while I’m taking a shower.” And the man has a fine taste in clothes too. “Kurtas are comfortable and great for high-waisted men. Wish they’d catch on around the world. I’d wear them all the time.”

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