Intezar Ahmed

Fairness Does not Govern Life and Death. If it did no good person ever die Young. Intezar Ahmed was a 19 years old Young boy , He was murdered a few days back .
Intezar Ahmed

The one who created your heart knows about it better than you, "Allah Almighty".

Intezar Ahmed Siddique was a 19 years old young and happy boy resided in Karachi. He was a single child .He was student of A-Levels at City School Defence Campus Alevels. It looks like he was fond of cars like all youthful boys. This full of life and determinant boy sadly murdered on 13 jan 2018 late saturday .He was accompanied with a friend of him, named Madiha . Intezar, who had been studying in Malaysia, returned to Karachi in November. He had no political ties. Ahmed was gunned down in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) . 13 bullets were fired at his car because he allegedly did not follow instructions to stop by anti-car lifting personnel.Interzar died from a single bullet wound behind his ear. His parents begging for justice for their only Child.


Anti-Car Lifting Cell

Six personnel of the Anti-Car Lifting Cell were arrested over charges of shooting Intizar Ahmed. ACLC officials had asked the youth stop his car.When he didn’t stop the car, the officials opened fire on the vehicle and Intezar had died. To be very honest it was a very lame excuse of murderer to kill a young life. If a kid do not listen it would never happened that we opened fire on them. There must be so many other ways to resolve the matter. Firstly Police tried to misled by telling that it was a personal dispute of deceased with another group.But Intezar's family rejected this claim.

intizar ahmed

Eye Witness

Madiha was with Intezar in his car, when the shooting took place late Saturday.She was the eye-witness of this murder . According to her We got two burgers and then we saw one of Intezar's friends, whom he shook hands with.Shortly afterwards, a car came in front of ours, followed by the arrival of another car and a motorcycle. Our vehicle was stopped and a few individuals peeked inside.The man, who peeked into their vehicle, made some gesture, after which the vehicle behind their car moved a little backwards. I inquired Intezar what is happening, but he didn't say anything. When Intezar moved his car forward, the firing began.I kept asking Intezar what's happening, but he didn't reply and the car came to a halt after a bullet hit Intezar.The shooting was so intense that she could not see catch a glimpse of the person who opened fire on their vehicle.

Intizar Ahmed

Chief Minister Sindh

Murad Ali Shah has ordered a judicial inquiry into the murder of Intezar. During a conversation with Intezar’s father Ishtiaque Ahmed , He said an inquiry would be conducted according to the family’s wishes.

Intizar Parents

Its tragic its crazy when young people see an ultimately death like that. It is so sad and heart broken to hear about a very young death.

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