InHumanity World Wide

There are so many incidents which demonstrate the inhumanity of people where most rich people show their inhumanity towards poor in order to become superior. inhumanity worldwide should be stopped because there is equality in islam, no one is superior or inferior in front of Allah so stop inhumanity and try to become humble.
InHumanity World Wide

InHumanity World Wide

Allah (S.W.T) Says in Surat Al-Hujurat :

“O Mankind ! we have created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is he who has most taqwa among of you”

With this verse Islam declares equality among people, your wealth doesn’t make you superior in front of Allah and those who are superior in front of Allah are because of their deeds not because of their wealth. Daily five times offering a prayer teaches us that everyone is equal because that time every person whether rich or poor offer prayer while standing on a same row.

But sadly we have our own mentalities, we don’t bother that what Islam teaches us. What we bother is that a person who is wealthy should be given respect and the person who is poor need no respect and should be degraded everywhere. There are so many stories which tells that how we disrespect poor people. Let’s take an example of those people who work 24/7 for us to fulfill our needs, No doubt they get paid for this yes, they get paid because they deserve this so it doesn’t mean that we got the right to humiliate them without no reason. Yes, I am talking about our servants and maids who serve us, who take care of us, who say yes on our every order but the question is what we do with them?

Different Stories of Maids and Servants

Different Stories of Maids and Servants

There are number of stories which force us to think for a while that where humanity is lost or are we really humans.

There is a story of a girl Zainab who started working when she was only 11. Her job was to take care of 3 daughters of a school teacher. She did her duty really well, she took care of them along with listening their humiliating words but one day she caught while beating her younger daughter but the elder one saw and told her mother who burnt the maid’s arm by sticking burning matchsticks. I don’t know about the scars on her arm but I am sure that the scars on her heart would not have faded.

There is a guy Mushtaq who came to Lahore for work at the age of 8. He worked in a house whose responsibility was to go to the market and look after the kitchen and sometimes clean the house too when maid is on leave. He said that in the start I used to cry when someone beat me but now I laugh which irritates them. He added that once I tried to put myself in front of a car so that if I get injured or die, my parents would get money.

This is not the end there are other number of stories which will give u goosebumps after listening to them. There was a girl Iram who was hardly 10 years old and that age we even don’t have sense that what is good or what is bad for us. She was murdered by her mistress on stealing 30,000. Maybe she was insane or maybe the whole society is suffering from illness.

Only in Lahore 3 maids were murdered by their mistress in the start of year and sadly the parents of their children can’t take any action because there is no law in our society which will give them justice because money speaks and if you have no money than don’t dare to think about justice. Even we don’t bother much on such incidents because we have completely lost the meaning of humanity.

Wrap Up Issue

Now this is the end of Humanity . Not only people who are working in someone’s house have to bear all this in fact people who are working in offices or companies on a low position also have to bear all this.

But my question is that is it that difficult to give someone respect? If we always demand respect from others than why we can’t give it to others. Just try to treat your housemaids and servants with respect and dignity because they are humans too so what if they are poor and so what if you are rich? It isn’t something on which you should be proud of. Just for once try to put yourself in their shoes than you might feel that pain through which they have to pass almost every day.

Equality In Islam

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