Impact of Social Media on Youth

There are both positive and negative impact of social media in our lives which depends on how we use it.
Impact of Social Media on Youth

Social Media

Impact of social media

In this modern world, social media is the fourth pillar of a democratic state. Nowadays most effective means of social media are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. These sites are making an important role in creating the mindsets of our society. The basic reason for the popularity of these sites is because these sites are the effective way of communication and our generation love to interact with others. Social media can be used both in negative and positive aspects depending on how we use it.

Impact of Social Media on Youth

Negative Thing About Social Media

One of the negative things about social media is that our youth is no more creative now as everything is available on social media so they don’t bother to use their brains and take help from these sites. Secondly, social media is just wastage of time. People spend so many hours on social media just for their entertainment, In fact, it can provide us harm too as most people upload their personal information on Facebook so anyone can steal that info and use that info against you. As we say that ‘Face is the Index of Mind’ we can say that ‘Facebook is the index of one’s Life’. The main reason is that our youth don’t use such sites productively. They only use it for their fun and entertainment.

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Positive and Negative Affects

As we know that everything has positive and negative effects so social media is also very effective if we know that how to use it. There is a hell of information on social media which can be very useful for us. Your questions get answered through social media. Secondly, your loved ones who live far away can be connected with you easily. You can interact with anyone you want to. Social sites are playing an important role in for Film, Fashion and especially for the advertising industry. Businessman are using social sites for business purpose too.

everything has positive and negative affects

Biggest Thing

One of the biggest thing so far seen on social media is that youth often fell in love or keep immoral relationships with opposite gender. This type of stuff sometimes become the cause damage one’s personality especially teenagers. Some youngsters create a Fake profile just to make others fool and for their fun and sometimes this fun exceeds so much that it can provide you harm.

Social Media's Positive and Negative Affects

Facebook or Instagram

Besides all these things we really have to think that how to use these sites in an effective way. It’s not that you should quit using Facebook or Instagram. You can use these sites for your fun but within your limits. As the excess of everything is bad so instead of using these sites in an excessive way use it for few time period. Try to use it for informative things. It’s the duty of Parents to have a look at the activities of their children. As a citizen of an underdeveloped country Pakistan we should not waste our time on these non -productive activities if we want to use productive things.

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