Harassment on Social media

Pakistani Filmmaker and Oscar Winner Sharmeen obaid shared on Twitter that the doctor of Agha Khan University Hospital sent a request on facebook to her sister mahajabeen obaid which is an harassment on social media.
Harassment on Social media

Few days ago, Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen obaid Chinoy shared on her twitter that her sister has been harassed by a doctor at AKU emergency. Issue was that her sister Mahajabeen Obaid visited the Agha Khan University Hospital for her treatment. Later the doctor who gave her treatment used her personal information and send her Friend request on facebook. Sharmeen took the issue on social media and labeled it as ‘Harassment’.

Received Friend Request

Pakistani Journalist and Filmmaker

Sharmeen Obaid is a Pakistani journalist, Filmmaker and activist. She is known for her films which particularly highlight the inequality with women. He raised her voice for the rights of women and for that he received many awards and much appreciation from people all around the world. In 2012 he was honored with the Hilal-i-imtiaz and Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Sharmeen Obaid Tweet

Her recent tweets on Twitter shows that according to her sending request on facebook is equal to harassing someone.

Sharmeen Obaid Tweet

Sharmeen Obaid Tweet About Her Sister

Doctor Send friend request to my sister

The Physician who attended her sister later fired from his job. AGUH is refraining from accepting or denying this rumor by saying that our hospital has always maintain the highest level of confidentiality and will never release any information of any doctor or any patient. Well after that incident Sharmeen Obaid is facing negative comments on social media by not only public infact by different celebrities also.

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No doubt Sharmeen Obaid has made us proud by her work in her films but the question is when you have an easy option to decline the friend request than what's the need of creating all this drama? Every day so many people send friend request to stangers so does it mean they all are harassing? The main reason of firing that doctor is not that he sent a friend request because if he sent that request to an ordinary person i;m pretty sure that no one wouldn't notice. He is fired because the issue was raised by a celebrity. There are so ,many girls who are actually harassed by different men on social media but no one bothers just because they are ordinary people.

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She is just mis-using her power because she knows that she is a celebrity and in Pakistan justice limits to famous people but if really some one needs justice than give it to that doctor who without any fault got fired and if really we need equality between men and women than next time when any woman will send request to a man than   it should also be considered as a 'Harassment'

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Finally Sharmeen obaid speak after all those negative comments by different people in her defence but whether it make any sense or not?

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