20 Simple Mehndi Style & Designs for Finger & Foot (2018 Hands, Feet & Finger Mehndi Design Collection)

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It is a common mehndi style to fill all the area of hand and feet so that the mehndi look attractive. But this is not the game. A unique, simple design only covering fingers of your hands or feet will also look classy and attractive. I am presenting some simple mehndi designs for hands, finger mehndi design and foot mehndi design collection (new mehndi designs for feet) in a large range. These designs cover less area, less time. So follow the blog thoroughly to get an idea.Share your reviews and opinions in the comments.
20 Simple Mehndi Style & Designs for Finger & Foot (2018 Hands, Feet & Finger Mehndi Design Collection)

The Wedding season is on, and girls are looking for the coolest mehndi designs to have on hands and feet on the event. Mehndi trend has been transformed very much since the last 5 years. Many new trends have been introduced in mehndi designs to improve the standard of mehndi art plus to save time. Now it is considered to be old-fashioned if you are heaving a full-fledge thick pattern of mehndi on your hands. Instead, such designs are introduced in the market that covers less hand or feet area b and time but looks more intensely beautiful and attractive than a full-hand covering design.mehndi designs for hands

Finger mehndi design

Here I am sharing 20 best and superb mehndi styles for fingers, foot, and hands. These designs are modernized versions of old mehndi patterns but are reduced in thickness and length.

Snake style simple mehndi designs for hand and finger mehndi design

This is the simplest kind of design where fingers are covered by an alternating pattern of a dotted ring and plain ring and a snake-shaped vine from one end of the hand to the tip of the Index finger can be seen.mehndi designs for hands

Simple mehndi design for the front hand

This type of design is a mixture of the floral-dotted pattern. It can be carried out on a birthday party, engagement function or even on eid. It is a perfect design for the teenage girls of 10-14 years.simple mehndi designs for hands

Beaded finger foot mehndi design

If you are planning to attend the mehndi of your sister, brother or bestie, then this beaded finger design is definitely an ultimate option for you. Wearing a chooridar pajama or patyala shalwar of jamawar with a lightly embellished shirt along with a kolapoori chappal along with this beaded finger mehndi design on your foot fingers is an awesome combination. Do give it a try!foot mehndi design

Sunflower circle mehndi designs for feet

Sunflower is the most brightly colored flower in nature. One cannot ignore the spark and freshness when a field of sunflowers is passing by your car's window mirror while visiting a rural area. So we have brought the same dazzling flower into our mehndi design to create a spark in your mehndi and your overall look. This perfect sunflower circle in combination with checked and dotted half mango carry would look perfect on bridal's feet.mehndi designs for feet

Semi-circular mehndi style borders

A new variation in the mehndi design is the semi-circular mehndi style borders. These semi-circular thin borders are connected by a motif on the middle finger and another motif on the wrist. A light patterned design for the girls looking for light Henna patterns.finger mehndi design

Motifs for finger mehndi design

Here are the amazing stylish motifs for fingers. A time saving plus elegant design for girls out there. Try this one on your beautiful hands if you are looking for simple mehndi designs for hands. you'd love your fingers for sure when you have it on them.mehndi style

Simple Pakistani mehndi designs for hands

In a common Pakistani design, one can easily notice the frequently repeating pattern and turns of dots. Yes! dots have never been out of trend. They always remain in fashion because they act as a linking bridge among the different portion of the design. So I am sharing a same simple Pakistani mehndi design for hands which is full of dots as well. But these dots are adjusted in a very enchanting manner that it gives out the look of a beautiful design.mehndi designs for hands

Leafy and floral mix mehndi design for hands and foot

A unique blend of leaves and flowers in a thick filling of mehndi is perfectly suitable for hands and feet. Girl of every age can hold this design as an option for the event.mehndi designs for hands

Circular motives-foot mehndi design

Another motif idea for your feet is circular dotted motifs. The two circled motifs connected by dotted lines with fingers containing two small paisleys, opposite to each other, gives a royal look to your feet.simple mehndi designs for hands

Best geometrical mehndi designs for hands

The geometrical pattern contains a sparkle and charm in it. When these patterns are drawn on hands with a cone mehndi, then the attraction is irresistible. Do enhance your hand's beauty with this enchanting pattern and thanks me later. ;)foot mehndi design

Jaalidar finger mehndi design

A charming and spell-casting design is waiting for you. This jaali network covering your fingers gives an immense beauty with a delicate bracelet around your wrist. just look at the image. Now, this is called perfect.mehndi designs for feet

Glittery floral mehndi designs for feet

The ultimate design for a Dulhan/Bride on her special day is floral design embellished with the glitter. The sparkling foot design is best to carry with the dazzling bridal dress of girl. (Here you can check out the latest and easy bridal mehndi designs for the wedding occasions) The darling would shine more on her wedding day with this amazing design.finger mehndi design

Long floral foot mehndi design

Are you ready to try this amazing, little bit tricky long floral design on your foot?if yes, then you need the help of an expert mehndi artist if you are a beginner or not that much expert in applying a detailed mehndi design yourself. So if you don't want to ruin its beauty, do take services of an expert.mehndi style

Solitary motif- mehndi designs for feet

The best 5-minute mehndi design for feet is here. It is an ultimate option when you couldn't find enough time for a heavy design then this is a perfect choice. More, if you have another 2 minutes, you can use beads or glitter to add more to it.mehndi designs for hands

Best Indian mehndi designs for hands

Indian mehndi is unique in its beauty and impression. When you are searching for out of the culture mehndi design, then Indian mehndi is the first and foremost option. As in this image, the flowers opposite to each other, semi-floral beads on fingers, and a petal streak crossing between the flowers looks splendid.simple mehndi designs for hands

Front hand Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi never looks old on girl's hands. This front hand Arabic mehndi design with glittery shading on edges of petals is a perfect blend.foot mehndi design

Ringed mehndi designs for hands

A beautiful, delicate and an amazing blend of dots, circles, coiled circles and flowers. This is amazingly simple design for young girls.   The fingers except middle finger having tiny flowers on tips gives immense beauty to the design as well as to hands.mehndi designs for feet

Simple mehndi designs for hands

A perfect choice for girls who want mehndi on their hands but also want to keep it simple. There wish has fulfilled now, because this design carries elegance doubles than its design.finger mehndi design

Embroidered heart- simple mehndi designs for hands

Drawing heart is a sign of expressing love to the love-ones. The heart shape is a trademark of love. If love had a face, it would definitely look like a heart. Similarly, when a girl draws hearts on her hands with mehndi, it is a silent "love you" call to someone special.   To double-up, the charm, the heart surrounded by leafy, floral or dotted structures in an orderly manner seems extremely remarkable.mehndi style

Embroidered wrist

Blank hands and finger won't look vague when you have a decently mehndi-covered wrist. This design will save you from the hassle of wearing a bracelet. Wait! you don't even need to wear the bracelet because if you do, it would look imperfect. So avoid wearing a bracelet. What a time and money saving idea... isn't it?mehndi style

These wisely selected awesome designs will surely make you to just go and have them on your hands and feet. They are selected considering varying preferences of girls. From simple full hand to fingers only and from thin to thick patterns on foot, each kind of design is included to entertain people of all tastes.

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